Potter Electric Signal Company, St. Louis, Miss, announced the implementation of a new ERP software system called Epicor. With the integration of Epicor at Potter, the company now has the flexibility of a more robust system that will help maintain and grow its business. The possibilities for endless customizations will allow Potter to adapt to current and future customer needs, the company said.

Epicor uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as “an approach to developing enterprise software applications in such a way that software processes are broken down into services which are then made available and discoverable on a network.” This feature will save Potter time and money with future customizations and upgrades.

Jeff Loyet, MIS director, said, “Potter’s implementation of the ERP system Epicor flowed seamlessly. Epicor’s robust platform provides Potter with an immense amount of flexibility and growth for our current and future needs. Our core Potter implementation team remained dedicated throughout the entire process along with our valued Epicor liaison. The Potter family stands as a testament to the devotion we all have to our product lines and our customers.  Our company will increase marketing efforts to a wider customer base, boost productivity, and streamline our processes with the overall end result of happier customers.”

Developing products for fire sprinkler monitoring systems, corrosion solutions, electronic fire systems and vault/safe security systems has been Potter Electric Signal Company’s job for more than a century.