Potter Electric Signal Company LLC of St. Louis, announced it was a participant of the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp, run by Burns Recovered Support Group Inc., which has run the event since its inception in 1997. The event took place at Camp Sabra in Rocky Mount, Mo., during early August. The Burn Camps hosts between 75 and 85 children every year, with that amount growing annually.

Organizers of the 18th Annual Missouri Children’s Burn Camp raised approximately $150,000 for the child burn survivor’s community.

 “Potter is honored to support the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp. This noble cause truly gives back to the community and touches the hearts of so many,” stated Bernard Lears, president and CEO of Potter Electric Signal Company. “Severe burns are a terrible tragedy, and Potter strives to prevent such occurrences everyday through our innovation and continued dedication to life safety. Burns Recovered Support Group provides an invaluable service to those in need and Potter looks forward to continuing to support this deserving cause in the future.”