In choosing London’s Heathrow Airport as the site for its initial project, the Total Airport Security Solution (TASS) consortium thought big — as big as they come, in fact.

The consortium implemented a multi-level video and situation intelligence solution designed to create an integrated security monitoring platform for the world’s busiest international airport in October. Verint and several of its European technology provider partners are behind this project, which will test three pre-identified threat scenarios and serve as a proof-of-case trial to allow members of the airport community to observe and evaluate the TASS system.

Composed of Verint and 20 partners, the purpose of TASS is to enable an advanced, integrated approach to airport security by creating a situation intelligence solution that provides accurate, real-time situational awareness to airport authorities. The solution is based on integrating and fusing several types of real-time sensors and sub-systems for data collection and operates in a variety of modes, including fixed and mobile, under any environmental conditions.

Typically, airports rely on a range of systems and sensors that are not designed to be interoperable or share intelligence in a coordinated fashion, so TASS represents a significant step forward in developing this integrated systems model, the consortium said.

During the trial, Heathrow security officials will conduct several simulated scenarios to test the system’s functionality and interoperability. Among the implemented technologies are Verint’s Video Management Software (VMS) and Nextiva PSIM. Verint VMS is designed to view video, monitor system health and export information for investigative purposes. Nextiva PSIM captures information from a variety of security, safety and building management systems, enabling users to view, correlate and analyze the information to identify situations quickly and efficiently, and help initiate and manage response to security situations in collaboration with local authorities and other agencies. Nextiva solutions are based on open standards and have been integrated with technologies from other key consortium partners.

“The TASS consortium is pleased to execute and monitor its first proof-of-concept testing at Heathrow,” says Gideon Hazzani, TASS project coordinator and director of business development for Verint Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions. “Heathrow’s sophisticated environment made it an attractive candidate for the trial. Upon integrating the various systems, the consortium will continue its field trial to validate the Total Airport Security Solution’s ability to deliver real-time data to security authorities, enabling them to quickly identify and assess situations, and effectively respond to alerts within pre-defined parameters set forth by the airport.”

Part of the Seventh EU Framework Program (FP7), TASS is a four-year project expected to run until March 2014. The consortium is led by Verint and includes 20 European technology companies, research institutes and end-user organizations. It is funded by the European Commission under FP7-SEC-2009, Work Programme Topic 2.2.2 – Integrated Comprehensive Approach to Airport Security. Its members come from a range of operational, industrial and academic fields, including sensor design, electronic communications, security applications and civil protection.