Bosch had plenty to talk about during its press conference at The 2013 International CES®.  Werner Struth, chairman, Robert Bosch LLC, and member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH, presented the many ways Bosch products are “Invented for Life.”  Among power tools, thermotechnology, home appliances, automotive technologies, software developments, and much more, security was also emphasized, as Bosch expanded its intrusion portfolio with B Series Control Panels.

"Bosch's new B Series alarm system...provides consumers customized security that is easy to use and can even be operated from a smartphone or tablet...a single button can be programmed to activate multiple functions to complicated operations very simple," Struth described.

The panels are modern Internet appliances for security applications designed to simplify installation and increase profits for dealers and integrators.

A flexible family of control panels, the B Series includes two models that meet the needs of a wide variety of facility configurations. The B5512 supports 48 points of protection and four areas, while the B4512 monitors 28 points of protection and two areas. The series is ideal for retail stores, banks, office buildings, government locations, schools, and many other commercial and residential applications.

The B Series Control Panels feature built-in IP communication capability to speed installation and decrease costs for dealers and end users.  Domain Name System (DNS) support for remote access and central station communications provides simple IP set up from the installer keypad menu or via Bosch’s Remote Programming Software (RPS)—without complicated programming tools.

Built to be future-proof, the B Series are the first intrusion control panels to support both IPv4 and IPv6.

"This ensures the customers' investment in our technology is protected when IPv4 address space is exhausted later this year," Struth said.

The panels also feature multiple interfaces with on-board Ethernet and USB connections and offer simple plug-in communication modules for easy adoption of new technologies.

Cellular text message notifications of events and the Remote Security Control app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch provide convenient monitoring and operating tools. Remote Security Control allows system arming and disarming and management of connected outputs.

B Series Control Panels can also be easily programmed to carry out multiple functions with a single keypad command or with the push of a wireless keyfob button. These custom functions enable security dealers to tailor the system to their customers’ specific needs, while providing simple operation. In addition, scheduled events allow for the system to be automatically armed and disarmed at pre-determined times or to perform other functions based on an internal clock and calendar.

Remote programming with advanced diagnostic capabilities reduces costs by allowing technicians to service systems or enable or disable certain functions without traveling to the customer’s facility. Flash firmware updates can also be accomplished locally or remotely with RPS, providing easy maintenance or feature enhancements for the panels. 

The panel supports a wide range of Bosch peripherals, including the new RADION series of wireless devices. For more information on B Series, visit