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Telguard cellular alarm communicators reward security dealers with increased productivity, reduced maintenance and access to many revenue generating services for a low cost. Combining devices, communications and alarm processing into a turnkey system, Telguard delivers solutions for monitoring intrusion and fire systems independent of a traditional landline. Additionally, Telguard cellular alarm communicators offer services like remote arming/disarming and two-way voice support to increase RMR. Available in the U.S. and Canada, Telguard cellular alarm solutions protect over 600,000 homes and businesses, and are an important part of any dealer’s portfolio.


3G/4G Longevity for 2G Prices

Telguard is known for technology innovation. In keeping with that commitment, and in preparation for the 2G Sunset, Telguard has evolved all of its cellular alarm communicators to technology that works on 3G/4G networks. By December 31, 2016 all 2G devices will need to be replaced, therefore we have chosen to offer our Telguard products for 3G/4G networks at the same price of our former 2G products. The sooner you switch to Telguard products for 3G/4G networks, the sooner you can halt your growing base of 2G equipment needing inevitable replacement.


Telguard Makes Upgrading Simple

Telguard’s Upgrade Incentive Program was created to help dealers easily and proactively start converting their base of 2G customers to Telguard’s 3G/4G solutions which will survive the 2G Sunset. This program rewards dealers with up to a $25 incentive for proactively upgrading any brand 2G product with a 3G/4G Telguard solution, thereby minimizing the impact of the 2G Sunset on their business. Learn more at


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