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Merit LILIN’s range of surveillance products spans over 3 decades and offers “start to finish” solutions for business, residential, retail, and hospitality applications. A true manufacturer dedicated to insuring Creativity, Progress, and Excellence, LILIN commits to product quality, ease-of-use, support, and most importantly, the customer. The LILIN solution provides High Definition IP products for a demanding range of applications. Committed to a higher quality product, a standard of excellence, and the diversity of integration within the surveillance industry, LILIN is the company to watch in 2013.

The iMEGAPRO line of HD IP cameras combined with the world ’s first standalone NVR Touch, recording 16 channels in 1080p at 30 fps, is a game changer in this industry. Also available in 4 and 9-channel versions, LILIN provides the first step to simple IP surveillance setup & installation with this system. LILIN also includes license-free software, at no cost to the consumer, and global technical support just a phone call away. LILIN is peace of mind and the answer needed to manage & maintain a successful surveillance application.

LILIN takes integration to a new level in 2013 with its Control4 home automation partnership. LILIN’s cameras and recording devices have been written into C4 drivers, adding value and strength to home automation technology. LILIN has also integrated with industry partner Simply RFiD to provide an extraordinary asset tracking solution, utilizing the company’s tag technology, Impinj readers, and LILIN IP cameras. Traditional software partnerships include NUUO, ONSSI, AXXON, EXAQ and Milestone.

Merit LILIN Corp is a leader in video surveillance with over 30 years of experience. With a dedicated R&D team and customer service department, LILIN strives for nothing more than the ultimate client experience.


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