Recreational Marijuana Outlets:  A New Vertical Market?

Since recreational marijuana sales became legal in Colorado on January 1, 2014, the state has seen a number of break-ins and burglaries. Denver Police Chief Robert White reported that there had been seven burglaries at marijuana shops during the first 11 days of the year.

While White added that the numbers are “relatively consistent with the number of burglaries we have in those businesses throughout the year,” local and national news have been reporting pot dispensaries and shops all over Colorado increasing or upgrading their existing security systems to fight off future invasions.

The legalization of recreational marijuana sales means more retail facilities opening up, which translates to potential business opportunities for security dealers and integrators, just as any retail or business growth would. However, in the case of pot shops, the stores are strictly regulated and are required by law to have extensive physical security systems, which make them a possible niche market for alarm companies.

At press time, 18 stores in Denver, and more than two dozen shops statewide, opened up for recreational sales on the New Year. Though the initial number may sound small, consider the fact that only businesses currently involved in the Colorado marijuana trade (also known as medical marijuana facilities) were the first ones to be able to open up recreational stores. Colorado will not allow those unaffiliated with a current marijuana business to open a facility until October 2014. The Denver Post reported that 160 licenses already have been applied for in the state.

Currently, marijuana dispensaries and shops are predominantly cash businesses, raising unique security concerns that must be addressed for the safety of the employees, customers and the business, though many are set up to take debit cards that do not require credit card processing. Banks have been hesitant to do business with marijuana businesses in the past, because it conflicted with federal banking regulations, opening them up to lose their charter or face prosecution for money laundering. On February 17, 2014, however, the U.S. Department of Justice issued new rules that, for the first time, allow banks to provide financial services to state-licensed marijuana businesses. The issued memorandum given to prosecutors limits federal enforcement priorities.

The new rules don’t go as far as explicit legal authorization for banks, and therefore, because marijuana remains illegal under federal law, it is likely that some financial firms still will refuse to deal with marijuana businesses. It’s unclear at this time, just how much the government’s announcement will help.

For this reason, as well as for close regulation of sales and distribution, the state of Colorado has strict physical security requirements for retail marijuana shops. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Permanent Rules Related to the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code, continuously monitored alarm systems installed by an “Alarm Installation Company” on all perimeter entry points and perimeter windows is required. In addition to alarm systems, retail marijuana establishments must have “a video surveillance and camera recording system in place.”

The detailed rules spell out specific placement of cameras, required camera coverage and lighting conditions, including cameras placed at cash register points so that they can record “the customer and employee facial features with sufficient clarity to determine identities.” And, that’s just state law.

“The municipalities have a lot more in-depth rules that we have to follow as well,” said Nick Speidell, head of security at The Green Solution, which owns two growing sites and four marijuana stores in Colorado. Speidell said The Green Solution goes above and beyond rules and codes, with upgraded physical security, including full-time security teams, squad cars and armored trucks — all owned internally.

Several companies specializing in dispensary security already exist, and they have made themselves experts in the strict laws that govern recreational shops and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Collective Protective Services of Chino, Calif., has been specializing in dispensary security since 2008, though it does offer security services to other businesses as well, according to KC Azubuike, president of the company. Collective Protective Services provided security to more than 100 dispensaries last year alone, including guard services, transportation security, and monitored surveillance systems.

“We have professional, armed and unarmed security guards trained specifically to secure marijuana collective facilities,” Azubuike said. “These are largely cash businesses, and it’s imperative to offer high security.”

Another company, Blue Line Protection Group, was formed late last year in Colorado to protect dispensaries and growing sites, as well as provide transportation security in the state. According to The New York Times, the company uses military veterans with Special Operations experience.

Just how much growth recreational marijuana shops will provide for security companies remains anyone’s guess. The number of shops that will actually open remains to be seen. However, in addition to Colorado, Washington State has legalized recreational sales as well, and storefronts are expected to open later in 2014.  — By Maggie McFadden Shein, SDM Contributing Writer



Verizon Cancels Home Monitoring Service — for Now

Verizon Communications has cancelled its Home Monitoring and Control service first launched in 2011. The cable company stopped taking new orders for its service, for which it charged nearly $10 per month for security and home automation capabilities. Verizon’s move is expected to be temporary, as it reportedly prepares to come out with another service in this marketplace. Verizon said that it will continue to provide service and support for its current Home Monitoring and Control customers.


ASG Security Acquires National Alarms Systems

ASG Security, Beltsville, Md., acquired National Alarm Systems Inc., effective January 31, 2014. Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., National serves more than 9,000 residential and commercial customers representing nearly $300,000 in RMR. The purchase price was not disclosed.

The acquisition, which was brokered on the seller’s behalf by Davis Marketing Group, gives ASG an immediate and significant presence in the South Florida market, and sets the stage for ASG surpassing $10 million in RMR by year-end 2014 through continued organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

“We took a long time looking for the right property, region, size and quality,” Joe Nuccio, president and CEO of ASG Security told SDM. “We were fortunate with National. It was a new territory for us, and the size and reputation made us comfortable that we could continue to grow and develop and create more internal sales as well.”

The acquisition of National is a further continuation of ASG’s plan of expanding its footprint into a new geographical region each year. ASG’s most recent regional expansion included acquisitions in Louisiana and Oklahoma. National employs 36 full-time team members that will be joining ASG, including National’s co-owner, Bob Swayman, who will serve as ASG’s vice president and general manager of the new South Florida Region.

Part of what drew ASG to National, according to Nuccio, was the company’s reputation, strong customer service, and a successful Home Owner’s Association (HOA) RMR business model that ASG is excited to expand on into other existing territories. “We have always liked HOAs; they are a captive audience with great potential and very few companies have really been successful in this area,” Nuccio said.

Added Bob Ryan, senior vice president of sales and marketing at ASG, “It’s a specialized market that relies a lot on service and relationships and National has done really well in the HOA business. ”

National will serve as the anchor property for additional strategic tuck-in acquisitions in South Florida that ASG is already targeting. “We’re looking at properties in Florida and other existing markets today,” Nuccio said. “We will have more activity [in terms of acquisitions] within a relatively short period of time.”

The addition of National Alarm Systems to ASG’s portfolio comes on the heels of significant RMR growth in 2013. ASG, which ranks as No. 11 on the SDM 100 Report, ended 2013 with $8.8 million of RMR, an increase of $900,000 of RMR over the year ending 2012. Seventy-six percent of ASG’s 2013 new RMR growth came from organic sales from its 300-person outside sales force, while 24 percent was achieved through acquisition activity, including $175,000 in acquired RMR in the fourth quarter of 2013. ASG’s 2013 expansion included the establishment of three new branch offices in Long Island, N.Y., Norfolk, Va., and Monroe, La., as well as the addition of 60 new employees.


ADT Study Shows Strong Tie Between Physical & Digital Security

On the heels of ADT’s announcement at CES regarding its partnership with McAfee to release collaborated products that offer both physical and digital security protection for its customers, the No. 1 ranked company on the 2013 SDM 100 released a study that reinforces the new partnership and ADT’s direction into total security for the home, personal lives and on-the-go.

ADT and McAfee released the results of a survey that looked at the parallels between personal and online security. When asked, 39 percent of respondents said they use technological devices to control their home security systems and 34 percent use smartphones to do so.

Commissioned by The Futures Company, the joint survey of more than 1,000 consumers shows that more than 51 percent of respondents reported having their personal security compromised through both physical and online breaches. When asked to define “personal security,” about 77 percent of survey participants consider it to intertwine both physical and online security, providing further insight that digital and physical lives are merging into one.

While 31 percent of respondents said their smartphone presented the most potential for security risk and 49 percent stated that their computers are more vulnerable, 41 percent still fear losing smartphones most in a public setting. Though this is the case, respondents did not seem too concerned with protecting them, and many are comfortable sharing their passwords with others. Two in three smartphone users (67 percent) and tablet users (65 percent) report that they protect their devices with a password, yet nearly half (49 percent) admitted to sharing their password with at least one other person, risking their personal security and all the data found on the device.

Surprisingly, 33 percent of people use their devices to control their physical alarm systems, and yet more than half of them fail to secure their devices with basic protection such as private passwords.

Among those who have experienced a home break-in, 59 percent reported a computer or mobile device among stolen items. Reportedly, an estimated 1.6 million Americans had their smartphones stolen in 2012. This is especially important considering 30 percent of Android and Windows smartphone users and 50 percent of iPhone users do not lock their mobile devices.

“With the Internet of Things rapidly evolving, our partnership with ADT marks a critical advance in protecting consumers’ property and information in more ways than ever before,” stated John Giamatteo, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee consumer business.

As SDM previously reported (, the initial phase of the ADT/McAfee security collaboration will include bundling ADT Pulse with McAfee LiveSafe, a data, identity and digital device protection service. Together, they will provide further protection for a customer’s home or business, accessible through any Web-connected smartphone or tablet.

“Partnering with McAfee adds another vital layer of security to our Pulse solution with McAfee LiveSafe service, and opens up innovation opportunities for our platforms and products,” said Arthur Orduña, senior vice president and chief innovation officer at ADT, in a statement.


Axis Communications Announces  Expansion Plan

Axis Communications recently announced its U.S. expansion plan, designed to bring the company closer to its partner network and end users by intensifying local resources to meet demand in the fast-growing physical security market. The plan segments the company’s sales territory into six business areas across the United States. Each business area will be responsible for operations that thrive on regional knowledge and face-to-face interaction — including sales, field sales engineering, local event marketing and training — to provide partners with maximum local support and business resources. 

“We’ve grown so much in the past 10 years in North America, and we want to continue that growth and bring the success that we’ve already had at our existing experience centers even closer to more technology partners and integrators,” Fredrik Nilsson, general manager at Axis Communications Inc. told SDM. “The goal is to be closer to our customers.”

Each of the company’s six business areas will have a dedicated customer-facing office with its own Axis Experience Center to help provide an interactive environment that showcases the full range of Axis’ network video products integrated with partner solutions and how they apply to the surveillance business.

“There are two main goals with these locations,” Nilsson said. “One is to show our technology and really let our partners experience it and learn all of the benefits.” The other goal, Nilsson told SDM, is to use the customer-facing centers to focus on offering more training time to partners. The individual Axis Experience Centers will feature facilities designed for Axis Communications’ Academy courses and partner trainings as well as boardroom-style meeting rooms.

Three new offices are planned to open this year, including the recently opened Northeast office located within Axis’ Boston-area North American Headquarters; the Midwest office opening in Chicago planned for the second quarter of this year; and the West office opening in the Los Angeles area during the second half of 2014.

“Partners and customers are key to Axis’ long-term success and the Expansion Plan enables us to get much closer to them,” Nilsson said. “We’ve seen the direct impact opening offices in Canada and Mexico has had on our regional success, as well as how valuable customer-facing facilities like our Boston-area Axis Experience Center can be. This plan replicates our closer-to-the-customer success across the United States.”


Sonitrol Celebrates 50 Years

Sonitrol celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Since pioneering verified surveillance alarms with its first franchise in 1964, Sonitrol has spent the past half-century refining and updating its impact-activated audio verification technology for businesses, schools and homes, monitored in real-time.

In 1964, Robert Baxter and Al Cronk, based in Daleville, Ind., co-founded Sonitrol when they began to use technology from Baxter’s pest extermination company, to detect humans instead. The acoustic device used to pinpoint the exact locations of termites in walls was adapted and modified to become an early model of the modern-day, impact-activated audio alarm verification technology available through Sonitrol’s more than 125 dealers around the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Cronk, a 17-year veteran of the Anderson Police Department in Indiana, recognized the benefit of Sonitrol’s audio verification technology, and how it could be applied to better inform local police about the real-time details of an activated alarm.

“When Al Cronk walked into Bob Baxter’s office 50 years ago and told him that, as a police officer, he had never actually caught a burglar in-progress because of an alarm system — but he had an idea of how to do it — Sonitrol and verified security alarms were born,” said Bill McNabney, founder, Sonitrol U and Sonitrol’s first employee.


Find Your Rhythm  at SentryCon

Registration is now open for SentryCon, SentryNet’s 19th annual dealer conference. The 2014 event will be held April 22–24 at Harrah’s in Tunica, Miss.

The Hollywood Café, a Delta fixture since 1969, will host the kickoff event, with a trade show to be held on April 23, followed by a live performance. SentryNet also has scheduled two very different kinds of shooting events: a golf outing on April 22 and a skeet shoot on April 24. As has been the case in the past, there is no charge for classes or social events.

For more information or to register, visit


Convergint Technologies  Names President & COO

Convergint Technologies, Schaumburg, Ill., named Ken Lochiatto its president and chief operating officer. Lochiatto brings his nearly 30 years of progressive leadership experience to the company. In his new role, Lochiatto will help Convergint continue its growth and transition into an international company, said Dan Moceri, CEO of Convergint, which ranks No. 5 on SDM’s Top Systems Integrators Report.

Lochiatto comes to Convergint from WMS Industries, where he most recently served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of that company’s gaming division. He joined WMS after 22 years with General Electric Company, where he held general management, sales and corporate auditing positions. As an engineer, he holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon University.



ESA Summit Preps Companies to Thrive

The seventh annual ESA Leadership Summit, which took place in January, sent the more than 250 security industry professionals who attended back to their companies will their minds full of information, strategies, new contacts and more — all of which ESA carefully crafted to help security businesses not just survive, but thrive.

With an emphasis on content that was outside the mainstream of typical security events, the summit featured a roster of speakers from both in and outside of the industry. Keynote speakers included Mary Byers, co-author of Race for Relevance: Five Radical Changes for Associations; Ted Powell, a business consultant and facilitator; Bjorn Jensen and Peter Shipp, experts from the custom electronics industry; Steve Bookbinder, CEO of Digital Media Training; and Doug Anson, retired major general of the U.S. Army Reserves. The topics on which they spoke ranged from cyber security to managing successful sales teams to national security in the post-9/11 world.

During the summit, ESA honored several industry leaders with its Leadership Awards. The awards, sponsored by Security America Risk Retention Group, recognized ESA Chartered Chapters and members who have made significant contribution to the industry in the last year.

The Chapter of the Year Award went to the Louisiana Life Safety and Security Association for expanding its membership in 2013 while maintaining a high member-retention rate, working closely with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal to promote ESA’s National Training School (NTS) and providing support to its members on state regulations.

Joe Parisi, president of the New Jersey Electronic Security Association (NJESA), was given the Chapter President of the Year Award for his extensive work on behalf of NJESA. This includes spearheading the chapter’s recent name change to further align itself with ESA.

ESA’s Executive Director of the Year for 2013 is Jerry Lenander of the California Alarm Association (CAA). Using his professional experience and knowledge, and clear plan of action for the chapter, Lenander implemented a variety of initiatives to further enhance the CAA.

Dan Cantrell, director of training and technical development for ADT, received the ESA/NTS Instructor of the Year Award, which is given in honor of Paul F. Baran. Cantrell is a senior instructor who has influenced the direction of NTS by assisting in creating, instructing and evaluating courses.

Charles “Dom” D’Ascoli, founder and vice president of Smoky Mountain Systems in Franklin, N.C., was recognized as the 2013 Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year Award winner. D’Ascoli was chosen based on his service to the community and providing leadership on local, state and national boards, which ESA said have been a hallmark of his career. D’Ascoli put the infrastructure and revenue in place to pave the way for future growth. He oversaw the move to new headquarters. Because of his vision, the member service center was created and now members are able to get immediate help when they call ESA.

Sam Fiske, general manager and chief operating officer for Franklin, N.C.-based Smoky Mountain Systems, was honored with the ESA’s Sara E. Jackson Award, which is named in honor of ESA’s president from 1950-51.

In presenting the award, ESA President John Knox said he selected Fiske for his ability to get things done at all levels. “


Security Network of America Changes Names to NetOne

Security Network of America (SNA), an organization of independent electronic security companies, changed its name to NetOne. The name change coincides with the group’s recent celebration of its 25th anniversary.

“The change to NetOne underscores the significant changes our industry has seen in the past quarter-century as well as the even more profound changes we expect to see in the years ahead,” said David Carter, SNA managing director.

The organization said in a statement that the nature of the security industry has changed rapidly with the introduction of video and mobile applications, and with the growing sophistication of available technologies.

“When we started in 1988, security was a relatively simple matter of hardware and software,” said Scott Elkins, CEO of UAS, Philadelphia, a charter member and current chairman of SNA. “People wanted a system that would protect their businesses or homes from break-ins and fires. Today, their expectations are much higher. It’s all about information and control. Customers want to control facilities and systems remotely, and they want to be able to use the operational insights they gain from these systems to manage their companies more efficiently and effectively.”

The 36 independent companies that comprise NetOne serve more than 650,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. Although each is local or regional in scope, they share best practices and compare performance to ascertain the most effective methods of giving customers what they need and projecting what they may need in the future.

“Security and IT technologies are converging. And we are continuously evaluating new ways of integrating services to expand the information we can capture, the speed of assessment, and its availability whenever and wherever customers need it,” Carter explained.


Briscoe Protective Systems Signs  Multi-Million Financial Agreement

Briscoe Protective Systems Inc. (BPS) of Centereach, N.Y., signed a multi-million dollar financial agreement with Suffolk County National Bank, the second largest independent commercial bank headquartered on Long Island, N.Y. The security company, which is No. 94 on the 2013 SDM 100 Report, will use the money to build its business through acquisitions of smaller fire and security companies, according to Bob Williams, CEO of Briscoe Protective Systems.

Williams told SDM that BPS was involved in active negotiations with three companies in the New York/Long Island and eastern Connecticut areas. “One of our challenges is that we are only looking for alarm companies that specialize in the commercial, industrial or institutional market,” Williams said.

In addition, BPS is planning to partner with a national company on a future deal in the residential market, and possibly partner with a central services company to provide managed access and video storage to its customers, according to Williams. — By Maggie McFadden Shein, SDM Contributing Writer


HID Opens New Global Headquarters in Texas

Before an audience that included representatives from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s office and U.S. Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), and other state and local officials, Denis Hebert, president and CEO of HID Global, and U.S. Rep. Michael T. McCaul (R-Texas), chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, cut the ribbon that officially opened the company’s new world headquarters and North American operations center in Austin, Texas.

The $50 million, 250,000-sq.-ft. facility is HID’s largest and will consolidate the company’s corporate functions, manufacturing, assembly and test operations, distribution and sales operations. The company has commenced the first phase of operations at the state-of-the-art facility ahead of schedule and expects it to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2015.

The facility was built on 22 acres and is expected to create 300 new jobs by 2015, including the consolidation of four other HID facilities, previously located in Mountain View, Calif.; Irvine, Calif.; Eden Prairie, Minn.; and North Haven, Conn. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony’s welcoming remarks, Hebert described some of the reasons why the state of Texas had been selected for the facility and he touched on the many border security and homeland security issues HID deals with as the producer of U.S. Green Cards and leading provider of secure identity products.

“This state-of-the-art facility epitomizes the ability of the private sector to produce secure identity credentials and produce security products that help insure the security of our nation, in addition to providing hundreds of new, well-paying jobs that will stimulate the local and national economy,” he said. “HID is committed to partnering with U.S. agencies to ensure that the identity credentials that permit entry into the U.S. at our land and sea borders are the most secure and counterfeit-resistant in the world.”

“HID Global is at the forefront of homeland security issues; they will be extremely helpful in our efforts at the national level to better secure the United States. I am honored to cut ribbon at HID Global’s headquarters….Their work is vital to national security,” Rep. McCaul said.


ISC Co-Locates with International Tourism Safety Conference

The International Tourism Safety Association, the Las Vegas Security Chiefs Association, and ISC West will co-locate their events in one venue this year. Both the International Tourism Safety Conference and ISC West will be held at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The International Tourism Safety Conference, which will take place April 2-3, is an annual gathering for safety and security officials in the travel and tourism industry worldwide and focuses on providing delegates with new information, trends, equipment, strategies and best practices in keeping visitors safe. The conference, which first began in 1992, is hosted by the International Tourism Safety Association, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Las Vegas Security Chiefs Association.

“This is a great opportunity for attendees of both events as they’ll gain added insight on the latest safety strategies, technology and equipment,” said Ray Suppe, president of International Tourism Safety Association and  LVCVA director of security.


11th Annual AIREF Golf Classic

The 11th annual AIREF Golf Tournament will take place on April 1 at the Revere Country Club in Las Vegas. A shotgun start begins at 8:45 a.m. Single golfers, pairs and foursomes are welcome. The event is the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation’s main source of funding for the year. Attendees will enjoy a full day of golfing, food, beverages, prizes and awards. To sign up or learn more, visit


COPS Monitoring Celebrates 1 Million Accounts

Last year, COPS Monitoring’s debut Dealer Appreciation Bonanza drew an attendance of more than 550 alarm dealers and integrators. This year, COPS will celebrate its 1 millionth account at the event.

“Twenty-five years ago, on our 11th anniversary, CEO Ira Riklis and I envisioned our company with one million monitored wholesale accounts for independent alarm dealers. Today, we are very pleased to say that we have achieved that goal,” said Jim McMullen, president and COO of COPS Monitoring.

In addition to making this year’s event a bigger celebration, COPS Monitoring will make a donation to Mission 500 for every person who attends the 2014 Bonanza on April 2 at ISC West.


Panel Session on Central Station Automation; Video Verification Roundtable

ISC West is a great place to view the latest products and services in physical security, but it is also a terrific place for networking, education and discussion. Bold Technologies announced that Rod Coles, president and CEO of the company, will be participating in a panel session on Central Station Automation systems. The session is moderated by Morgan Hertel, vice president of operations for Rapid Response Monitoring, and is scheduled for Wednesday, April 2.

Lastly, Bold Technologies will be hosting presentations of the UniversalConnector in the Security Central booth No. 25059 on April 2 and 3.

Coles also will be promoting the Video Verification Roundtable and PPVAR reception, hosted by SDM and Imperial Capital. This event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 3 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


SIA Market Leaders Reception

The Security Industry Association (SIA) invites its members and special guests to the Chateau Nightclub and Gardens at Paris Las Vegas for the SIA Market Leaders Reception at ISC West. The party kicks off ISC West on April 1 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Chateau Nightclub and Gardens at Paris Las Vegas. SIA will provide heavy hors d’oeuvres and an open bar. The reception, formerly known as the Customer Appreciation Reception, is free to SIA Members.


5th Annual 5K Run/Walk

The fifth annual Security 5K/2K run/walk proceeds will go to Mission 500. The non-profit organization is dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities in crisis, with all funds raised going directly to World Vision’s humanitarian efforts.

Present at this year’s event will be Dr. Diego Alejandro Garcia, director of the Colombian Ministry of Health Vaccination Program. Dr. Garcia, a pediatrician, was sponsored at the age of 3 through World Vision. He will speak at the event about his personal experience with Mission 500 and discuss how it helps to create better and brighter futures for youngsters around the world.

The race will take place April 3 at 7:30 a.m. during the ISC West show. For more details and to register, visit



Bosch to Host 5th Annual ‘You Rock!’ Event

Bosch will host a customer appreciation event on Thursday April 3 at 5 p.m., where guests can catch a live show by the Bosch house band — the Magneatos — and get a chance to rock out on stage. Featuring talent from the Bosch sales, marketing and executive teams, the Magneatos will perform, and customers can participate as guest performers who sing or play with the band in the jam session.


2014 Ride for Education, April 5

The SIA Ride for Education will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2014, the day after the ISC West show closes. The 11th annual event raises money for the SIA First Responders Scholarship, which provides awards of $1,000 to law enforcement officers and firefighters for job-related education and training.

The motorcycle ride begins at 9 a.m. and will travel through scenic Nevada. The cost is $50 per person for each driver, $40 per passenger, and law enforcement officers, firefighters and military personnel can participate for no charge. Motorcycles may be rented at a discounted rate through the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson. Visit for more  information.


Secura Key Raffle

Secura Key plans to raffle a 7-in. Kindle Fire tablet in its booth. The HD display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB tablet will be raffled in the company’s booth No. 9140. The winner, who will be selected from leads collected during the show, need not be present to win.

For more giveaways and special events at the show, visit, go to My Show Planner, and click on “Specials.”


B Safe Inc. Acquires  2 Companies

B Safe Inc., a regional provider of security and fire alarms to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, acquired two companies: Tatra Security Systems Inc. of northern New Jersey and Radar Security Systems Inc. of southern New Jersey.

“The purchase of these companies gives more depth to B Safe Inc.,” said Philip H. Gardner, B Safe president. “Both companies were selected based on their location in our current markets, giving us additional strength and allowing us to expand our commitment to total customer satisfaction.”

Gardner added that with more than 8,500 customers, B Safe will continue to deliver its vision of quality security systems coupled with superior customer service as it continues to grow. Both acquisitions were facilitated by John Colehower with Mergers & Acquisitions LLC.


AiN Group Convenes Solo, Announces National Builder Program

The AiN Group announced at its 2014 Live & Learn Conference that it is rolling out a new national program that gives AiN dealers — most of whom are local dealers — the opportunity to install security and consumer electronic systems in homes built by some of the largest home builders in the country.

AiN — or, Authorized Integrators Network — is the managing partner of GE Home and Security Technologies (GEHT). AiN Group’s network of about 200 dealers are authorized to sell and install GE-branded security systems from Interlogix, as well as sound systems, lighting, home automation, central vacuum, and other technologies from more than 30 approved vendors. AiN Group, now in its 13th year, held its first stand-alone conference in late January at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

“I loved the idea of a stand-alone conference,” said Vince Raia, president of EMC Security, Suwanee, Ga., an AiN Group dealer since 2002. “AiN is so content-rich; there are a lot of speakers, a lot of products to see, a lot of dealer conversations to have.”

AiN Group is led by a 21-person board of directors, and supported by a staff led by founder and president, Stanley Matysiak. Matysiak and staff created an informative four-day event, with plenty of time for networking among dealers as well as leisure time.

Michael Barnes, founding partner of Barnes Associates, St. Louis, Mo., spoke about security transactions, company performance metrics, and market structure/competitiveness. Most interesting was his discussion about the “new players” — AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Cox — which “dwarf” the industry’s current giant, ADT. “I think they’re in it for the longer term and ADT is going to get bought,” he predicted.

Topher Morrison addressed the dealers about becoming a key person of influence. “Who you are during a time of change is going to determine how an event will benefit you,” Morrison cautioned.

“The motivational speakers were phenomenal,” said Ronald Baskin, security specialist at Integ Security Solutions, Livonia, Mich.

For example, Barry Rutenberg, immediate past chair of the National Association of Homebuilders, spoke to conference attendees about how politics and the regulatory environment are interconnected with the homebuilding industry. He then shared a forecast from the NAHB that predicts single-family starts will number around 92 percent of “normal” by fourth quarter 2015.

There were two dealer panel best business practices held during the conference. “The real take-aways were the panel sessions,” said Dan Dubansky, president of Structured Cable of Virginia, Richmond, Va., and an AiN Group board member.

The GE Home and Security Technologies National Builder Program would formally connect AiN Group dealers with some of the largest national homebuilders in the United States. Builders targeted include D.R. Horton, Pulte Group, Lennar Corp., KB Home, Ryland Homes, Ashton Woods, Toll Brothers, and others. With AiN Group dealers providing 300 locations around the country, “We have a true network that gives us 80 percent coverage where homes are being built,” said Todd Girdis, executive director of business development at AiN Group.

An elegant awards ceremony was held during the conference, at which 33 awards (18 from AiN and 15 from strategic partners) were presented to the dealers. Guardian Protection Services; Phoenix Systems; and Security Force were honored with Dealer of the Year National Awards. — By Laura Stepanek, Editor


Editor’s Note: For a complete list of award winners at the AiN Group Live and Learn 2014 conference, visit To view a photo gallery of the conference, visit


Father & Son Build State-of-the-Art Central Station

When father-and-son team Bob and Rob Keefe realized their company, All-American Monitoring, had outgrown its operations in downtown Sarasota, Fla., son Rob took action. The result is a state-of-the-art central station nestled in the woodland outskirts of the city.

Bob Keefe, company founder, said they simply could not continue in the cramped space. “It was like working in a submarine,” he smiled.

The Keefes broke ground in September 2012.

Twelve-inch steel reinforced concrete walls encase the new station, which opened in July 2013. Natural light radiates through windows said to withstand an F4 tornado — vital to an area prone to frequent and powerful storms. Redundancy factors include securely buried phone lines, three generators, and 2,400 gallons of underground fuel. Interior construction took place in three phases, each section built with concrete walls that reach to the roof to eliminate flame spread.

The monitoring center handles calls for both All-American Monitoring and its sister business, EMG Alarm Systems. Operator stations are set in two open floor plans, each outfitted with a kitchen. A bank of monitors on all four walls of each center keeps operators updated in real time.

Also included are a file server room, two storerooms, office suites, a conference room and space for a full-service employee gym. Plans are underway for a boardwalk that will lead employees to an existing gazebo located on a picturesque retention pond not far away.

The build provided All-American the opportunity to upgrade its technology. “The access controls are a lot more secure,” says the younger Keefe. “We’ve gone to a level four times UL dual redundancy requirements with our standby servers. And we’re handling DMP receivers now, as well as Silent Knight and AlarmNet IP receivers. We’re still running 10 Sur-Gards, which are IP- and phone line-based, and we still have an old ITI CS-4000, with accounts on that one, too.”

“There were a couple hundred thousand accounts to move,” said the older Keefe. “It went very, very well.”

“We also had somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 phone lines to do in a day,” added his son. “We moved them in approximately four hours.”

Both men are proud of the building’s minimal impact on the environment. “The water heaters are demand,” said the older Keefe. “There are no tanks.”

“This building is four times the size of our old building and the power consumption is identical,” said his son. “All the lighting is LED and the air conditioners have the highest SEER ratings possible. There’s insulation in all interior and exterior walls. We did icynene insulation with fire retardant underneath the truss levels. We also added more insulation on top of the drop ceiling.

 “Appearance is a lot in this industry, he continued. “When people come and see this building, it’s impressive. The other building wasn’t. People went with us because of the way we do business. But sometimes your appearance helps. This building is structurally strong and we’re right on top of the technology. Everything about it is designed to be safe and responsive,” he said.

Visit All-American Monitoring and hear more about the new central station at ISC West in booth 18109. — By Missy Kavanaugh, SDM Contributing Writer


Submit Your Entry Today for the Second Annual Golden Eagle Award

The National Center for Spectator Sports and Security (NCS4) and SDM are seeking entries for the second annual “Golden Eagle Award,” which honors excellence in design and innovation in sport venue security integration.

A panel of judges will review applications, which are available at, and choose the most compelling projects as finalists from the entries they receive. The finalists will be invited to submit case studies from successful projects and present them to attendees at the annual NCS4 Conference. Finalists’ case studies also will be published at and at the conference, to be held July 8-10, 2014, at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, where one submission will be selected as the Golden Eagle Award recipient at an awards luncheon.

Judges will consider a number of components of the award application, including:

  • What problem or situation was presented to your organization to solve?
  • What was your solution, specifically related to design and technology?
  • Relevance to the sports industry
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the solution in solving the identified problems/issues
  • The solution’s ability to contribute to the balance of the fan experience with safety/security
  • The use of creativity, innovation, and technology in a way that leads the industry forward
  • The venue’s return on investment (ROI) realized from this installation
  • Document that it has been successful, including an endorsement from the venue/customer
  • A 600-word case study about the project

Those interested in consideration for the Golden Eagle Award should visit to download the application, which must be submitted by March 14. Those selected to submit case studies will be notified no later than April 15.


HID Acquires Lumidigm

HID Global acquired Lumidigm, an authentication solutions company that uses multispectral imaging technology, software and biometric fingerprint sensors to authenticate identities. The acquisition extends HID Global’s authentication portfolio while positioning the company to deliver a variety of new secure identity solutions. Imperial Capital, LLC served as the exclusive financial advisor to Lumidigm in the transaction.

“Lumidigm’s proven product portfolio will enhance our current strong authentication offerings, especially for healthcare, financial institutions and other high-security environments,” said Denis Hébert, HID Global president and CEO. “The company has unique technology protected by a large patent portfolio and proprietary algorithms, and has achieved strong penetration in key emerging markets including South America and Africa.”

Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology uses multiple light spectrums and advanced polarization techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, HID Global described.

“As part of HID Global, Lumidigm can expand its current business while also extending proven technology beyond finger- and hand-based applications into iris, facial and other smart imaging systems,” said Bob Harbour, executive chairman of Lumidigm and chairman and president of the International Biometrics & Identification Association. “The combined company will also have the opportunity to apply multispectral imaging capabilities to credential acquisition and authentication, gesture recognition, and other image-based process control systems, making multi-factor authentication on a single, integrated device a reality.”


Annual RS2 Technologies Conference

RS2 Technologies LLC will hold its 2014 Annual Conference, April 22–25, 2014 in New Orleans at the Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette Hotel. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Building Sales on the Bayou.”

“The 2014 RS2 Annual Conference was planned to tie into a couple of great events,” said Dave Barnard, RS2’s director of dealer development. “On the business side, we will be wrapping up our meeting just as the IAPSC (International Association of Professional Security Consultants) is starting theirs, which gives our conference the unique opportunity of tapping into some of the leading security experts in the nation.”

In addition to its dealer base, RS2 has invited industry speakers, end users, suppliers, integration and marketing partners, and other sponsors. Several of the sponsors will present product demonstrations and hands-on product training, while others will be demonstrating products and answering technical questions in the Sponsor Showcase Area. RS2 will be demonstrating, and conducting training on, many of the new products it has introduced since last year’s conference.


ADI Announces Vendor Awards

ADI announced the recipients of its 2013 Vendor Awards. ADI selected Arecont Vision as its Vendor of the Year for the United States, and CDVI for Canada. ADI also recognized vendors in the categories of New Product of the Year, Best Sales Support, Best Marketing Support, Rookie Vendor of the Year, and Best Supplier Delivery Performance.

Each year, ADI recognizes key suppliers across North America for their support and contributions towards the growth and success of ADI. Vendors are evaluated based on revenue, sales support, marketing initiatives, inventory results and feedback from ADI’s sales leadership team.

“Arecont Vision is honored to be recognized by ADI as Vendor of the Year in the U.S.A.,” said Carole Dougan, vice president, North American Sales at Arecont Vision. “ADI is an important distributor for us, and their strong focus on delivering first-rate IP solutions to their systems integrators and dealers is a great benefit to our company.”




CEDIA Announces 2014 Executive Committee & Director

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) announced that Hagai Feiner, founder & CEO of Access Networks, will join the CEDIA board of directors for the 2014–2015 term. Feiner was appointed by the 2014–2015 board of directors. Appointed directors are chosen from the manufacturer, distributor, industry-related professional, professional services, and manufacturer sales representative member types.

“Hagai has been a valuable volunteer for several years, working closely with CEDIA staff in the development of essential networking training,” said Don Gilpin, CEDIA executive director and chief operating officer. “We are eager to welcome him to the board of directors and look forward to his insights.”

In addition to announcing the appointed director, the 2014 Executive Committee was approved and will serve a one-year term: Larry Pexton, chairman, Triad Speakers Inc.; Dennis Erskine, vice chairman,  Erskine Group Inc.; Richard Millson, secretary, Millson Technologies Inc.; David Humphries, treasurer, Atlantic Integrated; Federico Bausone, immediate past chairman, Multisistemas BVC, S.A. de C.V. 


ISC West 2014

ISC West is a must-see conference with plans for more than 1,000 exhibitors, 26,000 security professionals, 10,000-plus products, and 75 educational sessions packed into three days. The conference returns to the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas from April 1–4. As you map out your visit to the largest physical security show in North America, look at some of the highlights and happenings in SDM’s ISC West 2014 coverage on these pages.

News  Briefs

COPS Monitoring promoted Sarah Brooks to vice president of information technology. Rebecca McMullen was promoted to the company’s dealer support team as executive assistant. Stephanie Beeman was promoted to operations manager and Sarah Futia was promoted to assistant site manager of the company’s Arizona central station. Dale Marzili has taken on the role of assistant training manager at the New Jersey headquarters. Jaimeson Nichols was promoted to a special projects position in the data entry department to work with accounts that require a specialized level of support. Diane Strockbine was promoted to the dealer support team. Lacey Chamberlain was promoted to special projects assistant.

? ? ?


Morpho (Safran) appointed Celeste Thomasson as president and CEO of its U.S. company, MorphoTrak. Thomasson first joined Safran in 2002 as legal counsel of messier services and most recently served as Safran vice president of legal affairs.

? ? ?


DVTel Inc. appointed Kim Loy as vice president, global marketing and chief product officer. Loy is responsible for all global marketing, product strategy and implementation activities.

? ? ?


Sage MacDonnell rejoined Rapid Response’s sales and marketing department as director of sales. MacDonnell previously served as advanced dealer support representative in the New England territory between 1999 and 2009. MacDonnell is responsible for overseeing the outside sales team focusing on the development of metrics, sales goals and team coordination.