“Thank you, thank you, and welcome to the first annual Dave E.’s Alarm World © Appies awards, held here at the fabulous Beachwood Inn, Wicker Park, Chicago. The Appies recognize the finest in smart device apps that have been developed for the electronic security industry. It’s great to see this huge crowd and we appreciate your attendance. Please remember to tip your wait staff and as always, it’s cash only at the Beachwood.

“Now to the first award, the category being ‘Great surveillance video apps.’ Thank you for the envelope, Angelina. And the winner is the “Viewer for Axis Cameras” available for both iPhones and Androids.

This app works well on both 3/4G networks and Wi-Fi, and provides live viewing and quick access to recorded video motion clips. Dealers using this app also must program the appropriate Axis cameras with the Axis Camera Companion software, available at no cost from www.axis.com.

This app combines the high image quality of Axis Communications cameras with a simple-to-use interface.

“Our second Appie is awarded in the category of ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ app to access IP cameras.’ Denzel, the envelope please? And the Appie winner is Securevizion from IVR Controls with their no app required smart device interface program.”

Simply open the Internet browser on an Android or Apple device, and all of the features of remote IP camera viewing are available including live view, motion clips, and full-time recorded video. This service also monitors end-users’ Internet connections and can generate “trouble ticket” emails if the Internet service goes down. Securvizion supplies customized Web screens that make clients’ Internet video viewing specific to your alarm company, creating a large opportunity for RMR.

“Now for the grand prize. Here comes Julia with the voters’ results. And the winner in the category of ‘Does everything and makes your RMR swing’ is Total Connect from Honeywell.”

This app combines a great IP video interface along with complete alarm and environmental controls, all easily accessible from smartphones and devices. Multiple systems and accounts can be accessed from a single device, and the live video and motion clips are crystal clear.

“Congratulations to Honeywell, Securvizion, and Axis Communications on their Appie awards. More information on these apps is available at axis.com, ivrcontrols.com, and security.honeywell.com.

“The after-awards party is at Nick’s Beer Garden, just across Milwaukee Avenue, where the blues music never stops. Thanks for watching and good night from the Windy City!”

On a more serious note, I think smartphones and apps will dominate our industry in a very short period of time. I wish that all equipment manufacturers would provide their apps at no charge for downloading from the various app stores or from their websites directly. I think it’s silly to have to pay an additional fee, even if it’s just a few dollars, to install the app services onto client smart devices. Dealers make substantial investments in the products and labor to install them, and I believe the apps should be available at no additional cost to the dealer or the end-user.

Editor’s Note: Dave E.’s Alarm World © Appies awards is not sponsored by SDM, and in fact, is not an official awards program at all — just a fun way the author chose to convey his viewpoint on several security apps he has worked with.


 David Engebretson is the president of Slayton Solutions Ltd., Chicago, providing online and instructor-led training on fiber optics and  networking electronic security systems. His latest book, Technician’s Guide to Physical Security Networking: Enterprise Solutions is a fully illustrated manual describing high-end IP physical security applications. Visit www.slaytonsolutionsltd.com for ordering information.