With AlarmBiller the entire workflow process — from proposal to work order to invoice and even accepting payments — is seamless, according to its developer, Perennial Software.

Perennial Software, makers of SedonaOffice, broadened its offerings to the security industry recently with AlarmBiller. Small- to mid-sized security dealers now have a solution to run and operate their businesses using the tools and functionality of large enterprise-level software. The day-to-day operations of a security dealer include many facets. From proposals, work orders, invoicing, tracking recurring revenue, accepting payments — the tracking of information is endless.

By centralizing all business operations in one convenient location, AlarmBiller takes the hassle out of managing a security company. As a 100-percent Web-based application, access may be had at anytime and anywhere, even in the field using an iPad or Android tablet. The often time consuming task of generating recurring invoices now may be done with the press of a button. Invoices can be emailed, printed locally or mailed by Perennial Software automatically. AlarmBiller includes integrated credit card and eCheck processing. Automatic processing of recurring payments and having the transactions post to the customer account is easy.

With AlarmBiller the entire workflow process, from proposal to work order to invoice and even accepting payments, is seamless. Proposals can be generated and emailed to the customer and when the customer accepts the proposal a work order is automatically created. Finally, when the work order is complete and signed off by the customer an invoice is automatically generated and delivered to the customer. Scheduling your technicians’ appointments is simple using the AlarmBiller calendar scheduling features. You will be able to visualize a technician’s day and see the status of their entire slate of appointments in real-time. You can easily determine if a technician is dispatched, onsite or completed with an appointment.

The calendar also can be used for miscellaneous appointments and sales prospect reminders. AlarmBiller allows you to create scheduled inspections and repeat service calls, which is useful for tracking monthly, quarterly or annual (or any specified duration) repeat appointments for your customers. With AlarmBiller dealers can track clients, contacts, locations, systems and recurring revenue. There are no upfront fees or contracts. Companies are not charged by the number of users; rather, by their number of active accounts. All features of the product are available to all customers. “AlarmBiller has functionalities that up until this point in time were not available in a product that was at an accessible price point for small- or mid-sized companies,” said Perennial Software’s Co-Founder, Michael Marks, “We developed AlarmBiller from the ground up with these dealers in mind.”

Your customers will have access to their account information through the customer portal. Customized with a dealer’s logo, the customer portal allows your customers to easily view all of their open invoices, add credit cards or e-checks and pay their invoices online. Service requests also may be submitted through the portal. Through accessing the customer portal, your customers can “go green” and turn off the delivery of their invoices via mail, electing to have everything received via email. Customers also can sign up for auto pay on the customer portal. “Our goal at Perennial Software is to help security companies reach their potential. We are confident that Alarm- Biller users will see an increase in efficiencies and profits from using our software,” Marks described. For information, visit or call (855) 5-BILLER