When Richard Brimhall, co-founder of AlarmHive, first had the idea to design a tailored software as a service specifically focused on the needs of security dealers and integrators, he knew that support and customization would be key features of the offering.

“I always knew there was a better way to do software and include how [dealers’] customers and relationships are built beyond just being a normal service provider — the quality of those relationships are substantial,” Brimhall told SDM. “Independent dealers have something unique in the way they use their data and it’s so important to have a dynamic workflow that independent dealers can use to manage different verticals in the market. Maybe they do fire or [burglar] alarms, and they can manage both of those workflows without being forces to change individual workflows or adapt what they are doing to a software.”

So Brimhall and his business partner, Trent Whatcott and their founding team of professionals, created AlarmHive. Brimhall said that as he has worked throughout the alarm industry, he felt dealers’ frustration with the current offering of business management software and he knew there had to be a better way. 

alarmhive launches brand new software for alarm dealers and security integrators

“I have worked just about every position within the alarm industry over the course of my 15-year career.  I started out knocking doors, like many in the industry do, and worked my way up to managing a company that did up to 5,000 installs a month. A common friction point I faced was the software we used to drive our business did not align with the way we ran our business,” Brimhall said. “We found it necessary to use up to six other software applications in order to shoe-horn the software into our workflow. The result was often wasted effort, lost revenue, frustrated employees, customers and business owner.”

According to Brimhall and Whatcott, the launch of AlarmHive is a software as a service model, because it gives companies a high-level of support and customization of the software that wouldn’t be possible with an installed one-and-done software. Features and updates will be added every two weeks and dealers can work closely with their Hive Leaders to set their workflow up to match each business’ specific needs.

Creative metaphors and marketing aside, if those benefits of high-level support and tailored workflow customization aren’t enough, the software is FREE to alarm dealers and integrators.

“Dealers won’t see AlarmHive taking any money from them. We negotiate with the merchant processor to take a fee,” Brimhall explained. “For us, it’s a model that motivates us to work closely with our dealer customers and strategize ways to help them grow their business, so we think it’s a great approach.”

At the time of publication, AlarmHive was set to launch around the end of August/early September 2020.

Visit www.alarmhive.com or email twhatcott@alarmhive.com for more information.