The 5th annual National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition will take place July 8–10, 2014 in Indianapolis. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Business of Sports Safety and Security.” Officials at the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi said they expect this event to be even bigger and better than the previous four.

“The security function’s role is now more than ever a business one, as security has become a core function of finance, law, marketing and operations. Interest in sport safety and security exists in professional and college settings, as well as high school and marathon events,” said NCS4 Director Dr. Lou Marciani. “The conference and exhibition provides a wholesome environment for sport venue security personnel, event services, first responders, manufacturers, government agencies and league security officials to learn more about security/safety technologies, services and education.”

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans will be a keynote speaker at the conference presenting, “How the Boston Marathon Bombing Changed the Game of Sports Security.” Evans, then department superintendent, had finished the 2013 marathon and was called back after the bombs exploded to be the lead investigator in the case.

In addition, William Hewitt from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will discuss unmanned aerial systems, looking at their security implications and commercial potential.

Two pre-conference activities will take place on July 7 including a National Forum and an Intercollegiate Athletics Symposium. 

Following the symposium will be the National Forum titled “Threat of Terrorism at Sporting Events: A Discussion of Terrorism’s Changing Face and Broad Impact,” moderated by James Ammons from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Among the many events scheduled to enhance discussion during the three-day conference are:

  • Golden Eagle Award presentations, sponsored by SDM
  • Symposium: Intercollegiate Athletics First Annual “Best Practices”
  • National Forum: The Threat of Terrorism at Sporting Events
  • Welcome reception at the NCAA Hall of Champions
  • Sport venue tour breakout sessions
  • Awards luncheon

In addition, an exhibition of security solutions from approximately 40 companies will be held on July 8 and 9 at NCS4. Selected exhibitors and the technologies on display are featured on these pages. For information about the conference, visit n


Exhibited at the National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition

Finger On The Fly | Morpho

Morpho Finger On The Fly® allows multiple finger enrollment and matching in a single movement with no touch. In a networked environment, these enrollments then can be pushed out to traditional front-end readers for access control and time-and-attendance applications.

Finger On the Fly simultaneously performs the contactless capture of up to four fingerprints in less than one second. With prints captured from just one wave of the hand, this breakthrough fingerprint technology is a major step forward in print acquisition speed and user convenience, the manufacturer described. It also mitigates hygiene and cultural concerns.

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AXIS Q1614 Network Cameras| Axis Communications

The AXIS Q1614 (left) and the AXIS Q1614-E Network Cameras (right) are designed for identification of people and objects in high-movement scenes and demanding lighting conditions, with the Q1614-E especially designed for outdoor scenarios. Quick movements are captured in HDTV 720p clarity by recording up to 60 frames per second, which is twice the usual frame rate as conventional cameras. This ensures that quick movements are captured in detail and can be better identified, such as speeding vehicles or objects on a production line.

The cameras feature Axis’ award-winning Lightfinder technology to allow for color video detail in extreme low-light conditions. In contrast to conventional day and night cameras that switch to black and white in darkness, cameras incorporating Axis’ Lightfinder technology maintain color even in very dark conditions. These models feature a buzzer and flashing light to guide the installer when mounting the cameras at the proper horizontal level. 

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Helios Solar-Powered Surveillance System| MicroPower

The Helios solar-powered surveillance system from MicroPower is a wireless solution that provides live streaming video directly to an industry-standard VMS system. MicroPower’s innovative approach combines a solar-powered camera and a central receiving hub to fully eliminate the need for trenching, cabling, and permitting.

Using only a half watt of power to capture and transmit live video up to a half mile away, the Helios camera runs for five days on a single charge of its internal Lithium-ion battery. A single 1.2ft2 solar panel powers the camera 365 days a year.

The Helios surveillance system is quick and easy to install, which minimizes deployment time and reduces business disruption, according to the manufacturer.

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SNV-6013 Micro-Dome 2 Megapixel Camera| Samsung Techwin America

The SNV-6013 features Samsung’s most advanced imaging technology to deliver 1080p high-definition images at 60fps, even in challenging lighting conditions. Employing Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR), the camera produces a wide dynamic range of 120dB, and 50dB signal-to-noise ratio with Samsung Digital Noise Reduction (SSNRIII).

The SNV-6013 supports H.264 (up to 60fps full HD) and MJPEG (up to 30fps) formats and is equipped with a Micro SDX/SDH/SDXC for local recording and storage, ensuring reliable capture of video in the event of a network disruption.

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PD-6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector| Garrett

With more antennas than competitive walk-through metal detector models, according to the manufacturer, the Garrett PD-6500i eliminates weak spots in the magnetic field, creating detection uniformity and improved discrimination. The PD-6500i accurately pinpoints multiple target locations from head to toe on the left, center, and right sides of the body. Garrett’s walk-through detector provides operational flexibility near other security equipment such as other metal detectors or X-ray machines.

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Fido X3 Explosive Trace Detection| FLIR Systems

Fido X3 is the lightest (less than 3 lbs; 1.4 kg) and most sensitive handheld explosive trace detection (ETD) device available, according to the manufacturer. It detects and classifies military, traditional, homemade and liquid explosive threats on surfaces and in the air. This portable ETD. It expedites on-site decision making with automated 10-second threat reporting via color-coded Go/No-Go alarms.

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Sarix Professional Range & Sarix Enhanced Range| Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco™ by Schneider Electric announced two IP camera lines: the Sarix™ Enhanced Range with SureVision™ 2.0 and the Sarix™ Professional Range. All of the Sarix cameras integrate with major third-party video management systems through the Pelco API and other third-party software and systems through the open ONVIF Profile S standard, and work seamlessly with Pelco video management systems.

All box cameras, bullets, and mini domes are available with up to 5 MP resolution. 

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9600 Series Electric Strike| HES

The HES 9600 Series is the only surface-mounted electric strike designed to exceed the severe forces of ANSI Windstorm testing, making it ideal for sports facilities and venues located in wind-ravaged regions.

The series is designed to accommodate rim exit devices with a ¾-inch throw latchbolt. All components are completely encased within its ¾-inch-thick stainless-steel housing. It is also UL1034 listed and meets all ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 standards. It is field selectable for fail-secure and fail-safe operation, and for 12- or 24VDC. The series also features an optional latchbolt monitor and latchbolt strike monitor to indicate whether the door is locked, or to notify operators that a door is secure.

The 9600 series is available in the standard satin stainless, bright brass, satin brass, satin bronze, bronze toned and bright stainless steel.

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AV12366DN 360-Deg. WDR Panoramic Camera| Arecont Vision

This camera model from Arecont Vision is a unique 12-megapixel 360-deg. panoramic with true wide dynamic range (WDR). The ultra-compact camera’s unobtrusive design makes it ideal for numerous applications both indoors and outdoors.

Arecont Vision’s WDR technology delivers a dynamic range of up to 100dB at full resolution without lowering frame rates. By combining long and short exposures in the same field of view, WDR maximizes the amount of detail in both bright and dark areas of a scene. Four 3MP WDR image sensors inside the SurroundVideo 12MP WDR 360-deg. panoramic camera each provide 2,048- x 1,536-pixel resolution for a total resolution of 8,192 x 1,536pixels. True mechanical infrared (IR) cut filters optimize performance in low light. The camera’s dome housing is IP66 environmentally rated and IK10 impact resistant.

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M680 Series Magnalocks| Securitron

The Securitron M680 Series features low-profile magnalocks for architects and integrators who are looking for strong, durable access control, particularly in stadiums or arenas. This innovative, easy-to-install product delivers advanced access control, functionality and style for busy venues with high-traffic exits and stairwells.

The compact unit further improves the aesthetic of the opening by combining access control door elements, reducing unsightly accessories at the door. Deluxe models feature an integrated CCTV camera for discreet surveillance and an integrated passive infrared motion detector. A voltage-sensing microprocessor controls Securitron’s patented BondSTAT bond sensor, door-position switch, adjustable auto-relock timer, configurable-status LED and anti-tamper switch.

Securitron designed the bracket-mounted M680 with a patent-pending template for the easiest install of any maglock. The template ensures precise alignment for correct positioning and maximum holding force.

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