The 2014 Bold Users Conference was held at the Antlers Hilton Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., from August 5-7, 2014.  Its theme was “Discover Extraordinary” and centered on the Bold customer experience. During the opening address, Bold Technologies’ president, Chuck Speck, expressed Bold’s commitment to its customers.  “That’s the next iteration of the legacy we want to focus on for Bold: the customer experience,” said Speck.  “How do our interactions on a daily basis better the actions of our customers? It’s why we’ve made changes and additions to our leadership structure and what the company intends to bring as an addition to the best software in the industry: superior customer experience in everything we do.”  

The annual conference offered attendees more than 40 different training courses focused on strategic business, operations, IT, and development.  Several classes concentrated on the new Manitou version Neo that delivers a Web-based platform and a redesigned user interface; some were taught by Bold users themselves, which brought a unique customer perspective to the courses.

The conference was also host to several guest speakers including, Meg Charendoff, principal and founder of CREATE: Communications, Media, Marketing; Eric Pritchard, industry attorney with Kleinbard, Bell & Brecker, and Glenn Schroeder, CTO of NetOne.

The 2014 Bold Users Conference was sponsored by:  Axis Communications, Bosch Security, CSAA, CSS, I-View Now, OneTel, Perennial Software, SDM & Security Magazines, SkyTalk PLUS, Tyco Security Products, and RSI Videofied. 

Highlights from the 2014 Bold Users Conference included:

  • Classes that concentrated on the new Manitou version Neo. These courses demonstrated the enhanced functionality of Manitou version Neo and introduced some of the new options possible with it.  These classes were well attended by Bold users and received very positive feedback, according to the company.
  • New this year to the conference was an “Interactive” track.  The Bold team moved the training center from Bold Technologies headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., to the Antlers Hilton to offer this special hands-on track.  According to Bold, the track received outstanding reviews from conference attendees.
  • What’s next? Bold Technologies is currently reviewing potential venues for the 2015 Bold Users Conference. Watch the Bold Technologies website for more information and details regarding next year’s event. Updates will be released in early fourth quarter of 2015 at