A new book, “To Sell or Not to Sell: Advice for Security Alarm Business Owners,” by Rory Russell from AFS Acquisition & Funding Services, offers an inside look at the industry and offers best practice advice on maximizing your company’s value. The 33-page book outlines the complexities faced by small business owners, who Russell says “constantly juggle critical decisions on where to best invest their money. Should you upgrade your equipment? Add on new services? Increase your marketing budget?”  The book features easy-to-comprehend information on why owners should have an exit strategy for selling their businesses, even when those businesses are doing well. The author suggests ways to ensure that important must-haves are in place to position an alarm company for a future sale.

Russell outlines AFS Acquisition & Funding Services’ keys for ensuring a company is sold at a premium price, no matter when the sale occurs. He breaks down best practices for each of the following subjects:

  • Strong customer contracts
  • Your own telephone line
  • A diversified account base
  • Up-to-date paperwork
  • Clear accounting records
  • Low attrition

The book also offers advice about the right time to sell one’s business; offering readers 10 factors to consider before making a sale in order to get the best price. These 10 items include questions such as, “Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market?” and “What should you do first?” A well-written, straightforward guide, “To Sell or Not to Sell” provides alternative solutions for financial holdings, such as strategically selling off accounts and how to know when it is time to reinvest in a business or walk away. The book ends with an expert analysis of where the industry will be in the next five years. Readers can reach out to AFS Acquisition & Funding Services for more assistance.  Read the book at http://bit.ly/1vd6BF8