Here at Security Dealer Marketing we’re passionate about what we do: marketing. And even though we love coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for our clients, we find ourselves taking a step back to make sure our clients have the fundamentals down pat.

The areas that we pay the closest attention to are your unique selling proposition (USP)and your unique voice as a company. A great example of a company that understands who they are and their USP is Starbucks. They are simply known for providing a cup of joe — nothing exciting, nothing extravagant, but a simple cup of coffee. What makes them so successful? We believe it all comes down to their brand experience and USP.

The second you walk into a Starbucks you immediately know this is no ordinary coffee place. You are welcomed with the aromas, the jazzy music and the ever so cheery Barista. Let’s say that again — Barista — a word that feels so good as it rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? And no matter which Starbucks you go to, the experience and the brand are consistent all the way down to the trash can in the rest room. This is what has made Starbucks successful (and not to mention those who are addicted to coffee and willing to spend every dime they have just to get a cup including everyone here at Security Dealer Marketing).

What can the security industry learn from Starbucks? Understand who your security company is, what you sell, and what makes you different. When you decided to open a security company you had a vision — a vision of a security company that was different. Fast-forward to today and ask yourself, “Did I create my company with the original idea or vision that I started with?” Or did you fall victim to becoming stale and not quite unique? Don’t start bashing your head against the wall and crying quite yet, because we’re here to help.

As an exercise, walk into your office — no matter how big or small — and hand your entire staff a piece of paper and ask them to write down two things. First, what do we sell? Second, what makes us different from other security companies? We can almost guarantee that each individual will write something different, or they’ll stick with the common things such as “great customer service” and “price competitive,” the same as everyone else. Nothing unique, nothing that stands out — just like everyone else.

This fundamental question of who we are and what makes us different is often overlooked, but is so important when it comes to your marketing and your brand. Imagine if you walked into Starbucks and each employee named their sizes differently, or named their drinks differently. We bet they wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for a strict brand and USP.

Think your company is not so different? Take a look at who your customers are. If they’re primarily residential, then maybe what makes your security company different is attention to detail and the ability to “design” a security system around your customers’ lifestyles. If you’re a commercial security company then maybe you’re an “industry/vertical specialist,” meaning you are the doctors of retail stores; you know their needs and have worked with thousands of them and that’s what makes you unique. If you’re an integrator then maybe you also are a vertical doctor who understands the needs of healthcare, critical infrastructure or education security because you’ve done it dozens or hundreds of times.

The point to our madness is every security company has something unique about them and each one of your team members needs to know exactly what that is. This way when someone asks about your company, all of your employees and sales team describe it exactly the same. Even more importantly, this unique selling point about your company needs to be consistent across your entire marketing messaging to let potential customers know why they should choose your security company over the 800-pound gorillas in the industry.

 This simple advice and exercise will go a long way for your company and your marketing message. Don’t just put this great magazine down and walk away. Make a note in your handy-dandy notebook (yes, from Blue’s Clues) and remind yourself to talk to your staff about what makes your company different from everyone else. Toodaloo!