Tech Systems Inc., Duluth, Ga., announced its imminent transition from a privately held, single-owner corporation to an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) that will ultimately transfer full ownership of Tech Systems to its employees.

Founded in 1987, Tech Systems, which was SDM’s first ever Systems Integrator of the Year in 2004, is best known for its FOCUS® (For Our Clients' Ultimate Satisfaction) Support Services program, providing professional/managed services, preventative/predictive maintenance that guarantee response times and 100 percent system functionality, and unlimited training to its clients.

“FOCUS® is more than a service offering; it’s our culture and business philosophy,” explained Darryl Keeler, current owner and president of Tech Systems. “The only way FOCUS® can remain intact is if the company’s purpose continues to be based on client satisfaction. Those factors made the decision to form an ESOP quite easy for me. Additionally, the ESOP will allow me the opportunity to transition slowly into retirement over the next 10 to 15 years, ensuring that the long-term integrity of both FOCUS® and Tech Systems remains completely intact.”

This announcement comes at a time when many integration firms are being sold to public companies or private equity groups, Tech Systems described. “Selling Tech Systems to a public company or private equity group would not benefit the employees or the clients,” Keeler added.

“Transitioning to an ESOP enhances Tech Systems’ entrepreneurial spirit. It fosters creativity, strengthens accountability and, most importantly, empowers our team to make decisions as business owners. Decisions have always been and will always be based on achieving client satisfaction, not increasing the bottom line,” Keeler emphasized.