After 33 years in business, Securityhunter Inc. has announced an ownership change and is now 30 percent employee owned. Vested employees will share beneficial ownership in the growth of the company and will be credited with shares of company stock within the ESOP trust each year at no cost, allowing them to earn ownership and accumulate tax-deferred retirement wealth through their service.

Founded in 1988, by Michael S. Rogers, Securityhunter grew from a one-man burglar alarm company to a federal security integrator. The Baltimore-based company targets security solutions which support a wide range of government security initiatives. They manufacture, design, install and maintain electronic and information security countermeasure systems for government facilities. Securityhunter offers professional security support services, and assists U.S. federal, state and local agencies with assessments and management of security tasks for mission critical operations.

“I’ve been trying to do this since 2014,” Rogers said. “We just never gave up on figuring out how to endow our employees with the amazing benefit of sharing in the ownership of our company”. He added, “I am thrilled to have our people as employee-owners.”

Rogers will continue in his current position as CEO with Ross Nelson continuing in his role as executive director. 

“We’ve been working towards this goal for a long time, it’s a generous benefit to all of the employees and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it,” Nelson said.

Receiving nearly $350,000,000 of security awards over the past ten years, Securityhunter serves a host of federal clients. 

“Securityhunter has always been a great place to work,” said Irene Montague, director of human resources and the most tenured staff member of Securityhunter. “The leadership [Mike and Ross] is very thoughtful and in desiring growth, have not just focused on the company, but the employees as well and this gesture proves it even further. To see where we have come from is absolutely amazing. Securityhunter is extremely blessed.”