WavestoreUSA, a provider of professional network IP video and audio recording solutions for surveillance and security applications, announced the launch of Tech Tips, a new Web resource series debuting on www.wavestoreusa.com. With a few clicks, visitors can learn how to use the easy shortcuts incorporated in WavestoreUSA products, the company described.

Adding to the four titles in the series debut, every month WavestoreUSA will post a new Tech Tip related to its product suite. A completely online-based tool, this new resource educates WavestoreUSA customers on how to perform advanced functions available exclusively through WaveView (the client software).

The content found under the “Support” tab on WavestoreUSA’s website, Tech Tips, brings together visual instructional video and printable information tools. Specific applications and an overview of each Tech Tip subject are available in pdf format. The accompanying educational video lets you quickly access an easy step-by-step video instructional guide.

Visitors to the www.wavestoreusa.com Tech Tips can now gain access to these valuable helpful hints and insight on the following learning components: search and playback using the quick search time slider, taking snapshot pictures from a camera view, backing up footage from multiple cameras with synchronized time, and backing up footage from multiple cameras with different times.

 For information, visit www.wavestoreusa.com