aca_featAlarm Capital Alliance (ACA), Newtown Square, Pa., acquired accounts from Khalsa Tech in the metro area of Santa Fe, N.M, as part of its regional growth strategy. The newly acquired customers will continue to receive the same local customer service by knowledgeable technicians, while gaining access to technologically advanced security products, ACA described. Terms of the deal, which was finalized on November 3, 2014, were not disclosed.

“This is a quick, strategic acquisition for ACA in one of our key markets where we have the infrastructure in place to efficiently onboard new accounts,” said Amy Kothari, president and CEO of ACA. “We are pleased to add these customers to our expanding base in New Mexico and we look forward to providing the same, excellent customer service they have grown accustomed to.”

Drue Thomas, acquisitions manager of ACA, coordinated the acquisition. Business owner Guru Jai Khalsa was assisted in the sale of Khalsa Tech by Steve Rubin, Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group.