AMAG Technology has entered a technology partnership with Salient Systems Inc. and will offer Salient’s CompleteView video management system, PowerProtect NVR server platforms and TouchView mobile video apps under the Symmetry™ brand. The Symmetry Security Management platform brings together identity management, access control, alarm management and video management combined with situational awareness. Joining the Symmetry platform is the feature-rich set of video solutions to be known as Symmetry CompleteView video management system, Symmetry PowerProtect NVR server platforms, and Symmetry TouchView mobile apps.

“Salient video solutions have a proven track record of excellence in providing scalable, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions. The partnership will extend the capabilities of the Symmetry range of video products, allowing us to create an advanced feature set to meet the diverse needs of the video customer and giving them freedom to choose the best technology specific to their business requirements,” said Matt Barnette, AMAG Technology president.

Symmetry CompleteView video management system, Symmetry PowerProtect NVR hardware platforms, and Symmetry TouchView mobile apps provide an additional set of video solutions to complement and build on existing Symmetry video products, meeting the diverse needs of video customers through scalability from entry level to enterprise solutions, standalone or integrated, and adding the flexibility of a mobile solution.
Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System
Designed for flexibility, Symmetry CompleteView offers unlimited scalability to manage small to enterprise-class video security challenges. Symmetry CompleteView offers a consistent user interface and network-friendly features like dynamic resolution scaling and smart search, which is designed to make locating video recordings easy. With a true bi-directional interface to Symmetry access control, alarms and events can trigger recordings, which can be automatically associated with access control events.

Symmetry CompleteView uses dynamic resolution scaling to manage bandwidth consumption. Video resolution is automatically scaled at the server before transmitting to client machines, and it is customized to fit the video display requested by the client. When video is displayed at a larger size, it is automatically streamed at the higher resolution for high quality display. The resolution is reduced for smaller screens such as tablets or smartphones, saving bandwidth.
The system integrates with the Symmetry line of HD cameras as well as many other leading camera manufacturers, offering end users more camera choices for their video solution, and it supports both analog and digital technology. Customers replacing analog cameras with network cameras simply check the IP box in their configuration as the camera license is interchangeable between analog and digital IP.
Symmetry CompleteView offers a simple and easy to use way to organize complex deployments and provides complete control of view layouts and interactive maps for an enterprise installation. Users can monitor the status of all servers, add or remove users, change the configurations of servers and clients, and push software updates out to servers and clients from a single desktop application.
Symmetry PowerProtect Server Platforms
The Symmetry PowerProtect NVR hardware platforms range from entry level to enterprise. A full line of NVRs offers users options for every size application, seamlessly integrating IP or analog camera technology on the same system. The wide range of NVR platforms supports a number of rack mounts and storage capabilities.
The NVR comes preloaded with Symmetry CompleteView video management system software and Windows 64 Bit OS, requiring fewer labor hours for installation and setup. It’s built specifically for rigorous applications where capturing and distributing video quickly is paramount.
Symmetry TouchView Mobile Apps
Users can view Symmetry CompleteView software from their iPhone®, iPad® or Android smartphones using Symmetry TouchView mobile apps. They can view live video, recorded video and PTZ cameras from anywhere. The dynamic resolution scaling automatically sizes the video for live viewing, reducing network usage and providing higher frame rates over mobile connections.
“As a company, we are committed to providing cost-effective, easy-to-use, scalable products that meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow,” said Barnette. “Our Symmetry Security Management System is one of the best in the marketplace. We have now teamed up with one of the best companies and video solutions in the market to provide the industry’s most straightforward, cost effective approach to video surveillance.” 

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