The town of Cary, N.C. is the latest municipality to adopt ASAP-to-PSAP (Automated Secure Alarm Protocol to Public Safety Answering Point) technology that reduces 911 processing times and improves the accuracy of information provided to first responders, enabling faster response during an emergency. ASAP delivers alarm notification information from central stations directly to public safety agencies via computer rather than by phone, thereby eliminating the need for communication between monitoring center operators and 911 operators. Transmitting data electronically speeds up alarm notification delivery, reduces the number of phone calls and processing times, and eliminates human error or miscommunication between operators. All pertinent information goes directly to first responders and the process takes only about five seconds. The technology was created in partnership by the Central Station Alarm Association and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, with Vector Security President and CEO Pam Petrow co-chairing the steering committee. Vector Security, Pittsburgh, Pa., is a leader in the industry for educating and working with public agencies that wish to implement ASAP for the increased safety of the public.

The benefits of ASAP include:

• Reduction in human error and miscommunication;

• Faster transmission of data to first responders;

• Faster response to emergencies;

• Reduces alarm company calls to 911 centers;

• Frees up 911 center human resources for other duties.