Hikvision USA teamed up with Citizen Schools, a national nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities.

Hikvision volunteers provided hands-on classroom opportunities for middle school students at Chase Elementary in Chicago, where the students learned about engineering design and built alternative energy vehicles. Hikvision said it is dedicated to supporting opportunities for STEM-based education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) across North America.

Citizen Schools, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has sought to enable public middle schools in low-income communities to provide a longer learning day with enrichment opportunities for students. Students gain knowledge in topics ranging from journalism to astronomy, leading toward what Citizen Schools CEO Steven Rothstein refers to as a “moment of discovery.”

Rothstein said, “These opportunities are crucial for students in many urban areas around the country. By the time they have reached sixth grade, they typically receive 6,000 fewer hours of academic and personal enrichment opportunities than students in higher-income communities.”

In addition to volunteer hours spent in the classroom, Hikvision also made a financial donation to provide classroom supplies.

“As a forward-thinking technology leader, Hikvision understands that the next generation of scientists and engineers are sitting in our middle school classrooms today,” said Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada. “Hikvision is honored to play a part in facilitating this fundamental conveyance of knowledge.”

 Visit www.citizenschools.org or www.hikvision.com for more information.