IC Realtime launched ICMyCloud, a scalable and easy-to-install offsite video surveillance storage option for residential and commercial applications. 
ICMyCloud is a back-up solution and a viable alternative to that of traditional video surveillance recorders. Its large bandwidth capabilities make possible live-streaming in HD, as well as two-way talk and night-vision features. Computers, iOS and Android devices facilitate monitoring. IC Realtime suggests the service is ideal for home and small business surveillance as well as baby and pet monitoring. 
The technology had been in the works for around 18 months before its release, said IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor. “It’s a lot of work to make it correctly. We made it to be an open-end solution that is scalable. We wanted to provide a stable secondary archive for the video being stored locally at the DVR/NVR level. Far too often the actual recording device is taken, leaving no records at all. With our cloud service, that’s a thing of the past. We also wanted to be able to deliver a turnkey, simple offering for single camera installations or DIY projects.” 
Sailor said the base of people and companies interested in security is much bigger than it used to be. Whereas dealers used to market complete, complicated, high-end systems to their customers, many customers now need only one or two cameras that are easy to set up, easy to install and cost effective. “Our service offers this and much more,” he said.
Since ICMyCloud is hardware agnostic, single cameras, NVRs and hybrids can be used. The interface makes it easy to select devices and options desired. According to a press release, IC Realtime will soon release new functionality such as video analytics (ideal for virtual fences, object detection, people counting, etc.), motion alarm alerts and more. 
According to Sailor, the company’s goal was for ICMyCloud to be a cut above the rest. “The user-interfaces of the traditional cloud-based storage services on the market are weak because they’re just too difficult to navigate, nor are they security-focused,” said Sailor. “We designed ICMyCloud to be intuitive to view live camera feeds, play recorded content and create video clips and snapshots.” 
The entire solution is geared toward ease of use and benefiting the dealers. IC Realtime dealers activate their clients’ ICMyCloud plan directly at www.icmycloud.com. Each channel activation earns the dealer a monthly commission. “IC Realtime is the first to put a revenue share in place on a video surveillance cloud storage solution,” said Sailor. “We did this because it’s important to us that our dealers continue to profit from all the products and services they sell.” With this technology, dealers can tap into that recurring revenue. “For every camera they sell, they get paid monthly for the life of that service,” said Sailor. “As for the end user, it will be simple, easy and provide excellent image quality with advanced features.”
Sailor said IC Realtime is working on providing advanced analytic features such as facial recognition, object search and a two-way voice element. As well, an away feature triggered by a doorbell will notify users via their smartphone and will give them the ability to speak and see who is there and grant access. Sailor said IC Realtime is working with several lock companies to this end. “The best part of this,” he said, “is they will all be individual items that the end users can add and remove as they choose.”
Compatible with the brand’s lineup of video surveillance cameras and recorders, the service starts at $7.99 per month per channel, with slight up-charges based on options selected. Each channel activation earns the dealer a recurring monthly commission from IC Realtime. The brand is offering end users a free 30-day trial period upon signup. 
Visit www.icrealtime.com for information.