The EC10 elevator control panel by ZKAccess is a scalable access control solution primarily designed to control floor access. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials, including fingerprint and/or proximity card. Pre-defined time schedules also can be used to control floor access. During normal visitor/business hours, unrestricted floor access also can be permitted. The EC10 controls up to 10 individual relays and supports up to three expansion boards (model EX16). Each EX16 expansion board controls up to 16 relays, so a single EC10 can control access for up to 58 floors. Because the EC10 is IP-based, the user can connect as many EC10 controllers on the network as needed. Although the panel was primarily designed for controlling elevator access to floors, there are numerous other access control applications requiring the pairing of a single-reader with multiple relays, including storage cabinets with multiple drawers, school hallways with multiple lockers, and data centers with multiple server cages.

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