DMP’s XR Series control panels have added an intelligent new layer of security and awareness, giving users the ability to selectively monitor their properties and capture video for specific activities. Users can choose from a variety of specific camera analytic events they want to be made aware of, either by an email, text message or push notification to their Virtual Keypad app. These events can also be sent to a control station receiver from the control panel over network or cellular path. These video analytics alert users and their monitoring centers of potential security risks before or as they occur, such as detecting loitering in a parking lot or a perimeter breach after hours. A business owner might want to receive an alert, for instance, when a perimeter line is crossed, whether it’s a fence or an invisible line at the edge of an un-fenced campus environment. Analytics can detect a person or object crossing over that line in the camera’s view, triggering a notification. Currently, the XR panel has this integrator connection and supports smart analytics with Open Eye cameras. New opportunities are available to other video manufacturers who are interested.