Fibaro’s motion sensor is now fully integrated with Nexia Home Intelligence. The motion sensor is a wireless device with a built-in motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and accelerometer. With a diameter of less than 44 mm, it is the smallest device of its kind in the world, according to a press release. Integration with Nexia means the product connects seamlessly with hundreds of compatible Z-Wave products for endless combinations of smart home functionality. For example, a homeowner may automatically lock doors and turn on porch lamps when ambient light levels fall below a set level, turn down the air conditioner if no motion is detected for a set period, or send an alert and record video if someone unexpectedly enters the home. It connects to Nexia and its ecosystem of products through the Nexia Bridge, the brain of the Nexia system, which creates a unique, secure and automated environment. The Nexia Bridge connects to a user’s Wi-Fi router, bringing all Nexia-compatible smart products together on one network and enabling the user to wirelessly connect and control hundreds of Z-Wave smart home products through one Nexia account.

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