The Arecont VisionMegaVideo G5 IP Megapixel Cameras have been upgraded to include multiple new features. The CorridorView feature allows the camera’s image to be rotated 90 deg. to reduce capturing unnecessary data. Non-integer scaling provides the ability to scale images to different resolutions down to 128x96. This flexibility allows users to tailor their system for their specific needs. The 1.2 MP models feature the Arecont VisionSTELLAR low light technology. STELLAR utilizes advanced algorithms to reduce motion blur and noise, while enhancing contrast and generating high-quality color video under the most challenging lighting conditions — including near complete darkness. It also reduces bitrate and storage requirements. The cameras include remote zoom/focus, making it easy for an installer to accurately focus the camera remotely. The new optional p-iris motorized lenses are available in 2.8 to 8.5mm and 3.3 to 8.5mm options. These lenses optimize the image for the best video clarity under different lighting conditions through the easy remote zoom/focus feature. A local storage slot supports up to a 32 GB SD/SDHC card. The MegaVideo G5 is a standalone camera for indoor applications or can be used outdoors when paired with a compatible Arecont Vision exterior housing (HSG2, D4SO, or Dome4-O). It is ONVIF Profile S (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance) compliant, providing interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.

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