Utilizing cloud and application programming interface (API) technology, Diebold, Incorporated is introducing its new Site Sentry video management technology which enables customers to view, assess and respond to security events in real time. Site Sentry, an industry-leading technology that provides remote live-viewing capabilities to enable faster response times and optimal outcomes, is integrated into Diebold’s online software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, SecureStat.

Diebold’s advanced Site Sentry technology can turn every camera into a monitored alarm point and verify alarm events — resulting in priority response, higher apprehension rates and improved guard service productivity. Video footage can seamlessly be saved to and retrieved from cloud storage exclusively, or in combination with local storage — with anytime, anywhere viewing access through SecureStat’s secure single sign-on functionality. Video playback and video analytics offer options for using video to support investigations and deliver useful business intelligence.

In addition to seamless integration with SecureStat, Site Sentry video monitoring services are also supported by Diebold’s Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) Five Diamond certified alarm monitoring center for added support and rapid response.

 “When paired with Diebold's comprehensive portfolio of monitoring and managed services, Site Sentry allows our customers to maximize the investment and potential of their video surveillance program,” said Felix Gonzales, Diebold electronic security vice president, strategic initiatives and business development. “By utilizing this technology, our customers will be able to proactively monitor their operations and prevent security threats.”

Diebold will be hosting a “by invitation only” event at ASIS on Tuesday, September 29th, and will be exhibiting in booth 1901.