announced enhancements to its Partner Services Platform to give its dealer partners more tools to help them grow, support and manage their smart home security businesses. The industry-leading Partner Services Platform now includes new sales tools, installation apps, customer engagement and upsell programs, and training resources.’s continues to invest in enterprise services to support the end-to-end needs of Smart Home Security Dealers. The full suite of services includes Sales and Marketing, Lead Generation, Installation Apps, Customer Activation, Customer Support tools, Ongoing Customer Engagement and Upsell. In addition, Business Insights provides powerful tools and data analysis to help dealers identify opportunities to build value in their account bases.’s Partner Services adapt to support the specific business needs of any Dealer Partner and can be used as individual tools or as a comprehensive platform. “Our comprehensive Partner Services Platform keeps our dealers ahead in the smart home security market,” said Jay Kenny, senior vice president of marketing at “We’ve created best-in-class services and market tested content to provide an extra edge across every step in the customer lifecycle - from awareness all the way through retention. As the market for smart home security continues to change quickly, is investing in the tools our partners need to more effectively secure new accounts and maximize existing ones.” All of the Partner Services are available to dealers as part of the ongoing service at no cost.