The same can be said about your website’s landing pages.

We are always evolving, learning, researching and testing new ideas here at Security Dealer Marketing, and in the past we’ve talked about landing pages: ways to structure them, suggestions for content and other ideas to create higher conversions. Recently, we read an article that stated companies with more than 15 to 30 landing pages will generate 10 times more leads than those that either have no landing pages or have fewer than 10. That got us thinking: Let’s test it out. And so we did.

Knowing what already works, we researched what some of the larger guys are doing within the industry and asked ourselves what’s important to someone shopping for a home security system. We then came up with other ideas to create urgencies and created 22 landing pages and drew traffic strictly from targeted keywords from Google Adwords; here’s what we found out.

Before we talk about our findings, though, we’d like to first suggest sitting down either by yourself or with your marketing staff to come up with ideas about what type of landing pages you’d like to create. We came up with price-driven ideas that revolved around lifestyle. We created urgencies with countdown timers, among other ideas. This brainstorming will help you come up with content and visuals for your landing pages.

Next, come up with your content for each idea and, most importantly, remember that a landing page is meant to be short, simple and to the point. Stick with a captivating headline like, “Will Your Home and Family Be Secure During a Break In?”

You’ll then want to create a brief paragraph on the topic of your landing page with bullet points outlining the benefits of your offering and your call to action — typically your form.

We then wondered how we could streamline the process of creating this many landing pages for all our clients. We found cool plugins that allow you to quickly turn your ideas into landing pages.

First, we tried a Wordpress plugin called Inbound Now. This plugin allows users to use existing layout templates to quickly and easily create stunning landing pages. We created a landing page for a free system with a 48-hour timer that counted down until the offer was over and were able to generate eight leads within that timeframe.

We created another website that contradicted the first offer by creating an AdWord ad that said “Free Alarm Systems Do Not Work.” This ad took the user to a landing page that explained that each home is unique and that a typical free home security system cookie-cuts the process, which is not the way to go. We then offered a free 15-minute, no-hassle consultation with a home security specialist; that landing page generated five leads within the week. While that may be nothing to write home about, we were able to capture the attention of the targeted traffic and convert them into leads.

Finally, we designed a landing page for homeowners with newborns. We generated traffic to the landing page from Facebook ads and specifically targeted posts. We chose Facebook users who were interested in Kids-R-Us, had liked other newborn-related groups and pages, or showed interest in other things child-related. We then created a landing page with a photo of a wireless camera pointed at a sleeping newborn. The headline read, “The Peace-of-Mind Knowing They’re Safe Is Worth Every Penny.” There were also some bullet points outlining the benefits of a home alarm system with a call to action; that page generated 11 leads within two weeks.

We encourage you to sit down with your team and discuss the reasons your existing customers choose your company over others. Then, take what you learn and create your landing pages. Make sure to take targeted keywords or advertising to their respective pages directly. Test any ideas and use the plug-in we described if you have a Wordpress website. Widen your net and catch more fish!