Security Dealer Network (SDN) offers alarm dealers the opportunity to become part of their sales network and receive recurring monthly income by offering DragonFly DIY video surveillance and monitoring services to customers. There are no start-up or recurring costs associated with joining SDN’s dealer network, allowing alarm dealers to expand their business models and revenue potential.

“We’ve made DragonFly as easy as possible for dealers,” said Bart Didden, president, Security Dealer Network. “All they need to do is sign up and sell — we provide the marketing tools, a branded Internet landing page, an ecommerce website for customer fulfillment, the app and the video monitoring. It’s a no-risk proposition that enables dealers to get a share of a growing consumer DIY market that would otherwise be lost to them.”

Dealers are provided with individual websites that are built, branded and targeted to consumers with DragonFly’s marketing and messaging. Using SDN’s e-commerce platform, consumers purchase video surveillance products directly through the website. Orders are shipped for free directly to the consumer and SDN provides the central station monitoring. Dealers promote the product to their communities and receive RMR generated by the consumers’ monthly monitoring fees.

“People are looking for an easy and cost-efficient means of attaining peace of mind, which DragonFly delivers for pennies a day,” Didden said. “For dealers, that peace of mind comes with knowing that DIY surveillance systems will help grow their businesses rather than erode them.”

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