To help track your DMP business and identify specific areas where you can improve, Dealer Admin’s dealer analytics have expanded significantly with a new dealer dashboard.

“As your manufacturing partner, we’re in a unique position to have details about your business that, when reviewed regularly, has proven to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies,” said Vice President of Sales Mark NeSmith. “Having that kind of analysis can help you identify potential opportunities and show you how you can take advantage of the many benefits of our relationship.”

Dealer Dashboard provides information such as: how far you are from your next dealer level; your month-to-date (MTD) sales; and orders shipped year to date.

From this one section, you’ll also be able to track your sales averages for the past three, six or 12 months and see how far you are from your next dealer level. You’ll also be able to review orders shipped year to date as well your costs of returns.

Everything you’re accustomed to using from Dealer Analytics is included. Now you’ll also be able to track other personalized metrics. For example, your average monthly calls into tech support are listed. 

“You’ll even be able to see which of your technicians made the calls and what topics they’re most frequently calling about,” NeSmith said. “Having information like this can help you target your future training plans so your team is working at its full capabilities.”

Users with admin authority or a custom role with dealer dashboard permissions can access the new dashboard. For specifics, go here. 

Next week, DMP is hosting a webinar to introduce and demo the new dealer dashboard on Dealer Admin. To join the Dec. 17 webinar at 10 a.m. CT, register here.