LENSEC, the manufacturer of Perspective VMS, has recently been acquired by JValley Software Solutions. 
The companies have a long history of working together. JValley software engineers have worked on software code with the team at LENSEC for many years. The teams have been developing Perspective VMS into an enterprise-level video management software for application in the IP security video market. JValley CEO and Chairman of LENSEC, Basheer F. Al Ghazawi, said the companies have many strengths that will be built into a strong global presence in the physical security industry.
“I see this step as a natural move that will aid in the continuous growth of both companies,” Al Ghazawi said. “LENSEC has secured a number of notable projects within the United States. JValley Software Solutions is a successful distributor of Perspective VMS in the Middle East and North Africa region. I believe as a cohesive team we will extend the global reach of Perspective VMS.”
LENSEC was established in 1998 and pioneered IP security video in the early days of video management software. The company specializes in commercial properties, government agencies, healthcare, K-12 schools, higher education, airports, oil & gas, critical infrastructure, shipping ports and more, the company reported.
LENSEC contracted JValley Software Solutions in 2008 to provide ongoing development resources. The result is a better video management software with powerful features. Perspective VMS is marketed internationally by LENSEC with JValley serving as a key distributor.
Marianna Leybovich, LENSEC CEO, said, “JValley and LENSEC have long been partners with a matching focus on product innovation and excellence. Working together for more than eight years with a united vision has resulted in an appealing new affiliation. With the two organizations joining together, I am excited for our teams, clients, and partners as we advance Perspective VMS globally.”