LENSEC announced joint integration between its enterprise-class video surveillance software, Perspective VMS, and Galaxy Control Systems products, Cloud Concierge and System Galaxy Software.

Software integration for Perspective VMS and System Galaxy is a bi-directional integration that enhances both physical security solutions. User security cameras are configured through the access control software to alarm and push video to the display using the video management software when event activity is detected. Conversely, Perspective VMS will display alarms and device status generated by the System Galaxy and Cloud Concierge access control software.

“We are excited about this product integration, especially given Galaxy Control Systems’ leadership in the marketplace,” said LENSEC Chief Product Officer Jeff Kellick. “LENSEC is pleased to be able to offer this greatly expanded functionality by working with Galaxy.”

Rick Caruthers, executive vice president for Galaxy Control Systems, described the integration as “a complete, real-time security management solution for end users and security integrators, with scalability and flexibility for enterprises of all sizes.”

Visit LENSEC.com/PVMS or www.galaxysys.com for more information.