Louroe Electronics, Van Nuys, Calif., released a whitepaper detailing the benefits of audio monitoring and audio analytics. In this whitepaper the company discusses how crimes, especially violent crimes, are always a concern for the public and that specific audio solutions may be able to prevent them before they even start.

“According to statistics reported by the nonprofit organization The Peace Alliance, investing early to prevent conflicts from escalating into violent crises is, on average, 60 times more cost effective than intervening after violence erupts,” states the whitepaper.

Two of Louroe Electronics’ solutions include the implementation of audio surveillance — alongside video surveillance — and the use of audio analytics to accompany it. Sound is often the first sign of an impending situation and by using both one- and two-way audio, professionals can be more proactive and respond before escalation of the matter. 

Specific solutions for clients include an outdoor microphone, two-way audio solutions, and audio analytics.

You can download a full copy at http://bit.ly/2gN0QhL.