Vicon Industries has released a whitepaper addressing the multi-faceted impact H.265 encoding will have on video surveillance systems. As HEVC moves closer to becoming the security industry’s de facto transmission standard, security systems integrators and end users remain uncertain about the best path toward integrating this technology into new or existing VMS systems. H.265 is touted for its ability to reduce file size by half, while maintaining the same visual quality as H.264 video, thus reducing demands for bandwidth and storage. However, there are other implications of H.265 that are less understood, including how it may affect display hardware specifications, system display configurations, best uses of multi-streaming cameras and integration with video analytics. This whitepaper provides an in-depth exploration of these and other topics.

“Vicon is pleased to offer security professionals this resource that separates fact from fiction and offers an analysis of H.265’s real benefits as well as associated costs,” said Bret McGowan, Vicon senior vice president, sales and marketing. “This type of information is imperative for anyone trying to determine how to best make use of the latest generation of H.265 cameras.”

Designing VMS Systems Using H.265; What You Need to Know is available for download at