Nortek Security & Control announced the new 2GIGVario Hybrid Security System. The complete Vario system consists of a security control panel with on-board hardwire inputs and outputs, which can add wireless capabilities to take advantage of 2GIG’s existing wireless solutions. Vario has multiple keypad styles, a variety of zone and output expanders, two options for power supply expansion, two-way voice compatibility, two distinct receiver options, and a wide variety of tamper-protected enclosures. Each device within the Vario line can be combined to create a personalized security system that provides the ideal coverage, size, and price for any project. Scalable to any size installation or job, the Vario system supports the entire 2GIG wireless sensor line. , 2GIG Vario is fully compatible with a number of current automation and access control systems including the Linear e3 platform. The panel’s extensive zone typing enables cross-system actions and commands and makes the entire system more robust. The Vario system requires less wiring be run, resulting in time and resource savings in the field and a more reliable security system, its manufacturer stated.

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