The 56A00-1 wireless recessed door transmitter from HAI protects entry through doors and windows in installations where the transmitter and magnet must be hidden. The supervised transmitter and contact are concealed within the door or window frame for virtual transparency. The 58A00-1 mini door/window transmitter is a miniature, 1.7 X 1 X .65 inch supervised wireless transmitter that comes with a case tamper switch, wall tamper switch and a replaceable lithium battery. The 58A00-1 is a single zone miniature version of the existing 46A00-1 three zone door/window transmitter with mercury tilt switch for garage doors. The 57A00-1 Vanishing door/window transmitter is a 3/16-inch thin supervised wireless transmitter with beveled edges that vanishes into any décor.HAI

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