Ron Davis has written a 238-page paperback book called The Start of the Deal about M&A transactions in the alarm Industry.

Art Romero, president of Imaginist Inc. in Salinas, Calif., and alarm industry marketing and design veteran, said of the book, “The Start of the Deal is a highly-readable, insightful little book about M&A transactions in the alarm Industry. In story after story, Ron describes the profits and pitfalls of arranging transactions with every type of alarm company, from national corporations seeking strategic expansion to mom-and-pop shops ready to sell the company and retire.”

Romero continued, “Davis offers anecdotes of his experiences — good and bad — of a lifetime of helping alarm company owners achieve their goals. He details techniques, advice and even some of the ‘gotchas’ of deal making and what it takes for a happy ending.”

To order the book or learn more about his first book Greatest Ideas of the Alarm Industry’s Greatest Thinkers, visit The book can also be obtained by attending one of Davis’s personal appearances at industry events throughout the year where Davis said he often makes available autographed copies.