Habitec Security, ranked No. 53 on the SDM 100, has acquired three companies: Sentinel Alarm Company of Columbus, Ohio; MetaSECURE, a division of MetaLINK, of Defiance, Ohio; and Central Security & Electronics of Traverse City, Mich. The acquisitions allow Habitec to grow in all three of their branch offices.

“This has been a record year for growth through acquisition for Habitec. We welcome all of the new customers and look forward to providing exceptional security services for years to come. Thanks to these acquisitions we continue to expand in all of our service areas,” said John Smythe, president & CEO, Habitec Security.

Smythe said all three companies fit Habitec’s recurring revenue model and also provided Habitec with some quality technicians. “We felt really good about moving them over because of the state of the industry and the chances of hiring good technicians. One of the values here is getting some good talent from it,” Smythe said. In addition to the accounts it is acquiring from the three companies, Habitec will be gaining two technicians, while the owner of Sentinel will be joining Habitec in a sales role. 

He explained that Habitec has gotten more aggressive in its marketing to other companies in the last year, attributing the closing of three acquisitions in the first half of this year to this marketing. Smythe said he expects Habitec to make more acquisitions this year as well as maintaining a 50/50 or so organic/acquisition growth balance. 

Mike Koenig of MetaSECURE and Mike Tubacki of Central Security & Electronics have joined Habitec as security technicians. Darrell Francis from Sentinel Alarm, who has joined Habitec’s sales department, will be working with both residential and commercial customers. “Habitec Security will be a great home for our customers, and I am pleased to join the team and help with the success and growth of Habitec,” Francis said.

The companies, Smythe said, chose to partner with Habitec because they were getting to the size where it was taking more effort to maintain accounts and technology and further investment. “I think they just realized that they had two options, and they chose to partner with someone like us,” Smythe said.