NorthStar Home, a security and automation provider ranked No. 24 on the SDM 100, launched its Authorized Affiliate Funding Program. Through this new channel, NorthStar will fund qualified security and automation systems originated and installed by independent companies. 

The addition of the affiliate program will complement NorthStar’s direct-to-home model while offering a platform for dealers of all sizes to access capital and plug into a proven system, the company described.

Founded in 2000 by Jason Christensen, NorthStar has consistently grown to be a leading national provider through its direct-to-home channel. “NorthStar offers a fresh take on the dealer funding model,” Christensen said. “Our years of success as a full service, direct-to-consumer home automation company, along with our state-of-the-art tools, and strategic capital partnerships, put NorthStar in a unique position to offer a truly remarkable program.”

To lead the affiliate program, NorthStar has hired Nick Perry as vice president of business development. 

“There has always been a disconnect between funding programs and their dealers,” Perry said. “We are here to change that and bring a level of support, understanding and transparency that dealers have been asking for. This is a true partnership where we remain continuously engaged with our affiliates. It is also the first program to offer the potential of long-term upside that rewards our affiliates for the success of the overall business. We are aligned with one another’s interests every step of the way, and that creates an environment where everyone wins.”

NorthStar is currently accepting authorized affiliate applications nationwide. Companies interested in partnering with NorthStar can contact Nick Perry at (888) 832-9332 or