NorthStar, a provider of security and smartphone technology, recently announced that Qolsys products, including the IQ Panel 2 Plus, IQ Remote and encrypted PowerG and S-Line intrusion sensors, have been approved for dealers participating in its affiliate funding program. 

“This is direct reaction to partner demand,” said NorthStar Vice President of Business Development Nick Perry. “Qolsys is a leader in innovation and technology in our space, and their latest product line and feature set made this a very easy decision. In addition to receiving discounted pricing through distribution, NorthStar affiliates will receive a premium panel bonus when installing Qolsys products, making it economically appealing to adopt the high-end panel.”

The IQ Panel 2 Plus is a tablet-like panel with a 7 in. HD capacitive touchscreen with dual SRF featuring PowerG. The Panel also supports other legacy frequencies, allowing dealers to upgrade older systems without requiring a translator. 

“PowerG takes range off the table while bringing a powerful commercial technology to the residential market including two-way communication, remote access and banking level frequency hopping encryption,” said Qolsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Hackett. “Dual SRF delivers the most comprehensive sensor portfolio, bridging the past with the future of security.”