Guyette Communications, of Plymouth, Pa., has completed installation of a district-wide Vicon Valerus video management solution for the Delaware Valley School District. The system spans seven schools and surrounding campuses and includes approximately 400 Vicon megapixel cameras, multiple application servers and NVRs running Valerus VMS software.

The Valerus thin-client interface allows the district’s police force to monitor and manage the system from anywhere via a standard Web browser, including from phones and tablets. In addition, in a crisis situation, the district has the option to easily share access to the system with local or state police simply by forwarding a web link.

The solution was installed to deliver on specific surveillance needs, including the ability to clearly identify the faces of visitors, read license plates within the school parking lots, eliminate blind spots throughout the campuses, and easily search video to quickly find evidence of crime or vandalism. Within the first months of installation, the system has already successfully identified the individual responsible for a theft on school grounds.

“Our school board takes safety and security very seriously,” said Chris Lordi, the district’s director of administrative services. “They want top-notch safety, and Valerus delivers that.”

Rick Salzo of Guyette Communications described the installation as going very smoothly. “The system is easy to navigate and program, and Valerus does a lot of things for you. For example, being able to set up one camera and then copying it to 50 others is a huge time saver.”