Vicon Industries Inc. announced that Meyers Security Services of Chattanooga, Tenn., has completed the next phase of a video surveillance installation encompassing the Jasper Highlands luxury residential development located 30 miles west of Chattanooga. The project brings together Vicon high-resolution cameras located at several locations within the gated community, including recreational, operational and event facilities, as well as from the sales and design center located at the base of the mountain, into a unified Valerus video management system. Thunder Enterprises, the property developer, plans to expand the system to incorporate cameras from additional locations, including a new restaurant, wellness center, market and exercise facility, as soon as construction of these facilities is complete.

The Valerus system provides the management team at Thunder Enterprises with the flexibility to manage and monitor the surveillance system from anywhere, including when traveling to other properties owned by the organization. The high-resolution cameras are used to monitor the comings and goings of all contractors, workers and visitors, and are part of the comprehensive resources dedicated to providing safety and security to residents. Video from a 12 MP Vicon camera mounted on the roof of “Pat’s Summitt,” Jasper Highland’s outdoor entertainment pavilion located in the heart of the community, is so spectacular that the local Chattanooga Channel 9 weather forecast broadcasts its live feed.

 “For an operation of this size, the Valerus system provides our management team with an overall level of awareness that would be impossible otherwise,” said John Thornton, Chairman/CEO of Thunder Enterprises. He also understands the importance of security to the community’s homeowners. “Our properties cater to discerning residents who want the whole package: natural beauty, privacy and premium amenities, with freedom not to worry about safety or security. They like knowing that we’re taking care of that.”