The Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR) was established in 2012 to promote the value of video and audio during the dispatch process to verify crimes in progress and facilitate priority police response. This mission has continued to resonate within the alarm industry and within law enforcement as both groups seek to find ways to further reduce false alarms and increase the effectiveness of police response. Over the past five years, PPVAR membership has grown steadily and now represents more than 60 alarm companies, equipment manufacturers and law enforcement agencies.

PPVAR has been governed by a passionate board of directors representing the various stakeholders of the organization. The development of best practices around the interpretation and handling of verified alarms has been one of the hallmark achievements of PPVAR and continues to serve as a focal point for ongoing discussion around the evolution and refinement of verification procedures on both ends of the monitoring/police continuum.

As PPVAR has continued to grow and evolve, the value and importance of collaboration between the alarm industry and law enforcement has become increasingly apparent. While process and procedure within UL monitoring centers is generally well understood within the alarm industry, it is shrouded in some mystery from the perspective of law enforcement. Likewise, procedures within the Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) are often viewed simplistically by the alarm industry. Discussions at the PPVAR board level have helped bring color to these gray areas and have helped focus PPVAR priorities around how best to educate operators across both monitoring and PSAP dispatch centers.

In an effort to strengthen the voice of law enforcement in PPVAR, the board recently proposed an expansion of law enforcement positions from two to four members, a decision that increased the size of the board from 11 to 13 members.

The current law enforcement board members bring passion, influence, and highly relevant experience to PPVAR:

Paul Fitzgerald, Sheriff, Story County, Iowa
Sheriff Fitzgerald has a 35-year background in public safety and has been extensively involved in federal public safety communications initiatives. He served as president of the National Sheriffs’ Association in 2012 and has been deeply involved in the Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST), the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC), and the SAFECOM Emergency Response Council.

David L. Holl, Director of Public Safety, Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pa.
David Holl has a 40-year background in public safety and is currently responsible for police, fire and emergency medical services in his jurisdiction. Of particular value to PPVAR, Director Holl has been active in the design and optimization of PSAP architecture for his state and chaired the Working Group 2 on Optimal PSAP Architecture for the FCC’s Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture (TFOPA).

Louis Bordi, Chief of Police, Voorhees Police Department, Camden County, N.J.
Louis Bordi has a 30-year background in public safety and is currently responsible for police, fire and emergency medical services in his jurisdiction. Chief Bordi is a member of the IACP and currently serves on the National Patrol and Tactics Committee. He is also a vice president of the New Jersey State Chiefs Association.

These law enforcement board members are bringing an important voice to PPVAR decisions and priorities and, more importantly, are strengthening the important relationship between the alarm industry and public safety through the efforts of PPVAR.