Early in 2017, the School of Information and Communication (FIC) was inaugurated at the University of the Republic of Uruguay (Udelar). They announced a new headquarters to support the core mission of the school utilizing a large space that had gone unused for decades. This structure of 8,500 square meters and four floors now houses nearly 4,000 students, 200 teachers and 80 administrative and logistics staff on a daily basis.

The facility boasts classrooms and administrative offices, a large and modern library, audio and video recording rooms and an advanced television studio. With the presence of such modern technological investments in the property, the concern about theft and damage increased, due to the high traffic of faculty, students and visitors who could access the equipment and devices.

“The new headquarters greatly increased the vulnerability points for security,” said Yonathan Benelli, IT manager at Udelar. “Without a video system like the one now implemented, it would be impossible to maintain an acceptable level of security.”

Foxsys, the integrator for this project, proposed the implementation of the XProtect Professional solution from Milestone Systems, an open interface application designed for IP network video management software.
According to Juan Martín González, commercial director of Foxsys, “The XProtect Professional software was selected because of the system’s alarm notifications, which were important in this application.” He said the solution was complemented by two virtual machines that operate on an HP server and are managed by the software Promox. Digital Watchdog and HikVision cameras were used.

The benefits, as Benelli pointed out, include: the capacity to manage multiple cameras simultaneously; comprehensive remote monitoring; end-user event search functionality; more advanced recording and navigation settings; easier role definition and permissions management of user accessibility.

“The implementation was a success in every sense, not only from the point of view of the service provided by the system, but also by the guidance, suggestions and labor that the company provided beyond the installation and configuration, in which all the required and additional goals were met,” Benelli concluded.