Per Mar Security Services, ranked No. 26 on the SDM 100, named Great River Health Systems as Per Mar’s 2017 Customer of the Year for exhibiting the traits of a strong security partner. 

Per Mar has been the security provider for Great River Health Systems since 2013, and Per Mar’s subsidiary, Midwest Alarm Services, has been their life safety solutions provider for 20 years. This past year, Per Mar’s Investigations team took over their background checks as well. As Great River Health Systems’ needs have changed over the years, Per Mar and Midwest Alarm Services have adapted and provided customized security and life safety solutions to fit their needs. 

Mike Wells, business development manager for Midwest Alarm Services, said, “As a 20 year customer, Great River Health Systems has always made their life safety system a priority rather than an afterthought.”

As their trusted security and life safety advisor, Great River Health Systems invites Per Mar to their quarterly hospital safety meetings, and genuinely values their input. Great River Health Systems has always been supportive of Per Mar’s security officers, and they have been able to collaborate to ensure the safety of their patients and staff, Per Mar reported in a press release. 

John Mercer, director of facilities for Great River Health Systems said, “The relationship between Great River Health Systems and Per Mar Security Services has grown from a few hours a week to full time armed officers. This growth is due to our changing needs, but most importantly because Per Mar has provided us with quality people that really do care about the service they provide. Rose Willer, our representative, provides very timely responses to our staffing needs and any concerns we have. The customer service and personable staff is why we continue to contract with Per Mar.”

Rose Willer, operations manager for Per Mar Security Services, said, “Our working relationship with Great River Health Systems has been exceptional. They do not see Per Mar as outsiders, but rather a valuable member of the hospital team. It’s a truly great partnership.”

Working together, Per Mar and Great River Health Systems are able to give patients and employees peace of mind.