Bosch Security Systems now offers an Intrusion Integration software development kit (SDK) for its B and G Series control panels. The new SDK facilitates integration with third-party applications, enabling the panels to work seamlessly with security software offerings from other industry providers. With a reference guide, examples, and code snippets, developers can quickly connect their applications to allow monitoring and control of the Bosch panels.

Bosch B and G Series control panels offer integrated security solutions for intrusion, fire, access control and IP video with support for up to 599 points, 32 areas, 32 doors, and 16 Bosch IP cameras. With the SDK, third-party applications can monitor areas, points, and power and peripheral status for B and G Series systems with 50 simultaneous panel connections supported. Control of panel functions includes arming and disarming areas, resetting detectors, activating and deactivating outputs, performing diagnostic functions, and more.

The Intrusion Integration SDK will make it easier for other industry providers to integrate with Bosch B and G Series intrusion control panels, fostering a broader range of solutions that support the panels. As a result, security dealers will gain greater flexibility in how the panels are monitored and controlled, helping them to deliver customized solutions that combine the advanced capabilities of Bosch control panels with the software platforms that best address the security needs of end users.

Access to the SDK is one of the benefits of registering for Bosch’s Integration Partner Program (IPP), the company stated. IPP gives developers immediate access to the software development tools to integrate Bosch products across the portfolio with third-party systems.

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