Bosch Security Systems Inc. provided dealers and integrators in North America cloud-based connectivity to its B and G Series intrusion control panels for remote programming and end-user app connectivity. The new Remote Connect cloud service makes it faster and easier to connect to the control panels by eliminating the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules or to use Domain Name Service to access the systems remotely.

Installers simply create a services account with Bosch and then plug the panel into the network using the on-board Ethernet port or set up a cellular communication connection. The panel reaches out to the cloud without the need to configure the customer’s network for inbound communications. The connection allows Bosch’s remote programming software and the remote security control app to connect securely from anywhere. Alarm communications are still sent directly to the central monitoring station using standard IP, cellular or public switched telephone network connections and do not utilize the cloud service. 

Bosch programs each cloud-ready B and G series control panel with a unique Cloud ID and public key infrastructure certificate, allowing mutually authenticated Transport Layer Security connection to cloud services. Bosch is adopting these advanced IT industry cryptology standards to prevent eavesdropping, substitution and data tampering.

With this new service offering, security dealers and integrators have the option to connect directly to the panels or to use the Remote Connect cloud service — choosing the method that will best meet the needs of each end customer.

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