has launched for Business, a fully integrated, smarter security solution for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). for Business is the first offering to combine intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into a single solution, the company said. Easily controlled through’s app and online interfaces, the solution offers proactive security safeguards, visibility and awareness, and efficient automation of everyday tasks. for Business gives service providers a highly differentiated offering for SMB customers, delivering exceptional value to business owners and generating RMR for the service provider while simplifying installation and ongoing customer service. 

“We are bringing the same connected technology that transformed the residential security market to the SMB space,” says Dan Kerzner, chief product officer at “ for Business is engineered to help our service providers bundle cloud services and connected devices into a single solution that solves persistent SMB challenges and delivers an efficient return on investment. Previously, these systems were reserved for enterprise customers and required integrators to piece together solutions from multiple vendors. Our SMB offering moves the integration work to the cloud, providing a seamless end-to-end experience for users and installers. The solution integrates commercial-grade devices including PoE dome, bullet and turret cameras, and includes a user interface designed for business users.”

Many small business owners maintain an alarm system for insurance purposes and a standalone video solution for basic surveillance. These siloed systems offer narrow functionality, are limited to local control and offer marginal operational value to the business owner. for Business offers a smarter, streamlined alternative that centralizes security, video and access management into a single, mobile-friendly interface, with cloud intelligence powering advanced automation, all to provide business owners and employees with real insight and operational value, the company described.

Fully integrated with’s Growth and Productivity Services platform, for Business makes it easy for service providers to embrace the SMB security opportunity. listed the following features:
Easy bundling and enhancement:’s seamless platform and device ecosystem make for efficient bundling, packaging, and pricing. Service providers can bundle multiple solutions into compelling, high-value packages, or lead with a single solution and later enhance the installation with additional revenue producing services throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Higher value; higher RMR: With compelling use cases and a single, easy point of control for users, for Business lets service providers move away from one-off hardware sales towards valuable RMR creation with reduced take-over risk.

End-to-end partner support:’s Growth and Productivity Services offers a full suite of technical, sales and marketing training and installation tools like the MobileTech app at no extra charge. Turnkey customer engagement and enhancement campaigns with Customer Connections are also included, making it easy to sell to and support SMB customers.
Working around the clock—whether armed or disarmed— for Business allows service providers to engage SMBs with compelling use cases that promise a return on investment and facilitate RMR-focused selling. Key benefits include:

Proactive security: Automatic arming keeps premises secure even if employees forget. A wide range of notifications, triggered by security sensors, keep owners aware of important or unusual activity including supervised open/close activity. Professional security monitoring and automated safeguards provide best-in-class protection.

Video surveillance:’s SMB video solution offers both offsite cloud recording and 24/7 HD on-premise storage to ensure video is available when users need it. Alarm sensor activity and door entries are overlaid on the video timeline, making it easy for customers to instantly view important events. The solution is integrated with leading monitoring station platforms, enabling seamless visual verification of alarms.

User management: Users can easily add/remove employee alarm codes and customize door permissions, making it easy to manage employee turnover, restrict access to sensitive areas, and track open/close activity.

Energy efficiency: Smart thermostats deliver automated energy savings when premises are empty. Owners can lock thermostat settings locally, or specify minimum and maximum temperature ranges that employees can set.

Multi-location awareness: Users can manage multiple premises at a glance, view security arming status, open/close times and temperatures side by side in their app or dashboard, and create automation rules that apply to all locations.

Operational insights: for Business gives owners visibility into activity patterns and trends, helping to identify new opportunities for operational efficiency.

While engineered for SMB end users, for Business shares many foundational features with’s residential solution. Every security system offers professional security monitoring, as well as patented Crash and Smash Protection, Unexpected Activity alerts, and’s tamper-resistant dedicated cellular connection. New features and updates are added continuously through’s cloud services platform. for Business is exclusively sold, configured and supported by’s authorized service providers.