Axis Communications once again used a little bit of magic to introduce its new and innovative products. This year’s press breakfast featured Haken Hansson, the company’s global product manager, audio who entertained those in attendance with magic tricks.

Martin Gren, founder of Axis Communications and Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President, Americas, joined the fun by incorporating a game of Security Industry Jeopardy, to discuss several new products, including the AXIS Companion Eye mini L, a fixed mini dome with a compact design for indoor use, and AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE, an outdoor-ready fixed, bullet-style camera. In addition to built-in IR for surveillance in dark conditions, both cameras offer high-quality video in HDTV 1080p and 2 MP resolution, wide dynamic range technology to handle scenes with complex light conditions and require AXIS Companion Recorder for system completion. The cameras, which are designed for the small business market to use with AXIS Companion Video Management Software, are 70% smaller than the existing AXIS Companion cameras, making them ideal for discreet installations in small business environments such as restaurants, small boutiques shops and office spaces.

The team also introduced the AXIS T61 Audio & I/O Interface Series, which enables two-way audio and I/O connectivity together with compact Axis cameras that do not have the functionality built in. Installed between the switch and the camera, the AXIS T61 unit provides connectivity where it’s needed. With Axis’ Portcast technology, the camera can then deliver video and audio through a single stream, requiring no additional IP address. Gren said the camera will act as if audio and I/O were built in.  

Another key solution introduced was the AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server, which enables the configuration and management of larger, more complex audio systems. The solution comes with the management software pre-installed, making the installation process easier. The Audio Manager enables central management of audio content, zone management and scheduling, and is ideal for retail stores or large school campuses.

Gren said, “What has been the integral part of our 30 years of success? While we have gone through some transitions, an important part is our corporate culture integrated with our business model that shows how we are a consistent company that people can trust.”

Nilsson added, “Our goal is to keep innovating, to make smarter products and to help make the world a safer place.”

Axis’ products and solutions can be seen in Booth #14051.